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Originally Posted by Elphenor View Post
music would be better if there were no internet and then life would be better too
yeah this is really the ultimate truth at the heart of this thread. i find it quite amazing that no one's really talking about it, tbh.

anyway, regardless of the slick convenience of spotify and whatever, i definitely felt that it devalued the whole thing it was supposed to be about - music.

the whole experience is incredibly sterile. you type up any artist's name and their entire life's work comes up in a series of stupid little icons, just like that. it mortally robs everything of having any sense of significance. and it encourages a sort of certain listening experience that is not in depth. music as parcels on a treadmill. that's just not how i connect with music at all, but if it works for others, hey whatever i guess, have fun with it.

i mean, brutally raping listeners into listening to ads between songs? like, on what world is that ok? i can't think of a more blatant disrespect toward the end consumer. peak dark corporate mindset. they would've printed commercials between tracks on vinyls in the 60s too if they could have gotten away with it - and now they can.

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