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Originally Posted by Ram27 View Post
why would i pay money and/or deal with ads demolishing the mood just so i can 'access my music everywhere' like, jesus, the iPod came out in 2001. also i can't access it everywhere because of digital content geolocks and needing an internet connection to stream and god knows what other horseshit rights management copyright software is packed in
i pay for it willingly to remove ads, and so i don't have to like... buy cds. and rip them onto a laptop, which i'm guessing i would need to connect with a usb cd-drive that i'd need to buy? and then sync it with my phone. and spend time managing what to keep and what to remove when i run out of storage. that convenience is worth it for me

also, i've never run into geo-restrictions, where are you traveling to? japan, australia, mexico, iceland, and more have all worked fine for me.

and you can store the songs from spotify on your phone, playable with no internet connection, if you're paying

Originally Posted by Ram27 View Post
not to mention the culture it creates around music as a sort of...semi-disposable, ephemeral thing. the /feel/ is off. the feel is very walled garden. it's like trying to have a nice meal in the dining court of a midwestern mall.
i mean.. ok? it seems like music is however you wish to perceive it. and you can buy physical stuff if you want to if streaming is too ephemeral, right?. do you feel the same way about movies and tv? do you prefer a dvd instead of netflix?

Originally Posted by Ram27 View Post
not to mention the absolute ease of storing audio files locally. with TV/films it's different, video is so bulky and compression becomes so obvious and you can get in the weeds easily. with audio -- 320kbps MP3s are basically fine; any other difference is basically the old acid trip 'set and setting' rule.
so i mean i guess you can do that, if you want, but how is it easy unless you're buying digital downloads? do record companies sell digital downloads? if so, that's your path then, right? if not, it seems like the frustration on this should be with the record company and not music streaming

Originally Posted by Ram27 View Post
it's just....gross. gross is the adjective that comes to mind. it's wrong. it's anti-art.
business and art are always in tension, this isn't new.

if your point is that $9.99/month in perpetuity is more money spent vs. buying physical CDs, with less income for the recording artists, that i think is accurate, at least in my case. i'm spending more than i otherwise would, while listening to more music than i otherwise would, and artists are making less from this spending.

that's an issue with what the record companies negotiate though right?

i'm not sure your main point was about the economics of it specifically, seems more of a general dislike of streaming as a format, but my view on the economics is they are not my problem. despite old man bill ranting for years about the ins and outs of the music industry, i don't care. it's not for me to get upset about. everyone is a willing participant in this system.

now, there are some artists i love, and i spend money to support them, seeing shows, buying a shirt, buying direct from them, open to other means as well like patreon and stuff, especially when it's obvious they're not a big name band. because of course the reality is that if the system is not working for smaller artists, then less music gets made because they can't afford to do it.

but it's not on me as the consumer to fret about the negotiated deals between two parties. i don't fret about what the guy who caught the fish that ultimately is served in a restaurant got paid, vs. what i paid for the dish. there are only so many things i can get riled up about or take on as a personal cause. funding science and related causes to innovate our way out of ruining our planet? i'm in. voting, getting vaccinated, etc.? yeah that feels like it matters to everyone's future. spending energy on music streaming not being ideal for everyone, not for me man.

[relatedly, are we upset about actor pay on netflix or whatever? i never even considered it, it's irrelevant to a viewer, and someone else's responsibility]

the format works great for me, i dig it. it causes me zero anxiety about it being "gross" or "anti-art" or whatever.

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