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Default Bands you used to like but now realize suck

This is a list of those bands growing up that you thought were cool, and liked, but revisit and realize that they're bland or generic...

-Stone Temple Pilots: I still like some of the singles (creep, ILS, Trippin), but I revisited some of their albums awhile back and man... There's not really much there apart from the singles, and even a lot of those haven't aged too well... Definitely see why so many purists despised these guys back in the day.

-Everclear: I used to love the "So Much For the Afterglow" album, no idea why today.

-Lit: Still dig My Own Worst enemy, but I used to love that album too... Would sit around listening to it with friends while playing NHL on Playstation... Today I listen to it and it's cringeworthy shit.

-No Doubt: I used to love this band. Saw em live at a small theater when Just A Girl was their only hit. I was in love with Gwen Stefani... And well, we all know what happened with No Doubt and her... I listen back and songs like Don't Speak really suck. Spiderwebs is still pretty cool though.

-Sum 41: I loved the album with Fat Lip. Fat Lips still cool, but the bands a one trick pony... Not much to really like there.

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