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Originally Posted by reprise85 View Post
I still have dreams about my grandmother dying, and it's been more than three years.
I'm sorry :/ I wonder when dreams like that ever go away... as I have dreams about my gma too, or I'm walking through her back door to the kitchen, and my gparents are still there, alive and happy.. I wake up crying from those dreams sometimes because I miss them so damn much.

Ditto on the mom stuff. Not exact situations but... my mom and I were just never close. There's a lot that I struggle to forgive her for, and she knows she fucked up but will never admit to it. She's not the first person I call when I need someone...but I have many times wished that I could call her. When I'm in pain, I just want my mom... but then I remember how we're not on the same page and how she annoys me with her "I told you so..blah blah blah". Not much compassion or understanding.

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