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Originally Posted by ohnoitsbonnie View Post
I got gang raped by several reptilian men when I went to investigate my GPS location, their penises are actually quite neat little(figuratively, they were massive) pieces of anatomy. The human skin that coats the reptilian cocks begins to peel back when the creatures become aroused. What erupts from the shedding human flesh is, simply put, an abomination of anatomy. A heavily ridged cock, with a single large spade shaped scale at the end, resembling a crude foreskin begins to spring to life in all its erect glory. The scrotal sacs are covered in fine barbs, which may be coated in a mild neurotoxin causing local numbness in affected area. The area around my rectum and mouth, mercifully, began becoming numb after the testicle barbs had pierced the surrounding flesh a few times during the course of the violent gang rape. Shockingly, the creatures remained in their human guises during the course of the assualt, the only parts of them that..changed, were their twisted phallic members. A final horrific point about these freakish creatures was their sheer violence and animal lust. They came in around fifteen seconds of stimulation, however, I think that I have been somehow impregnated by this incident. I am a male, however I can already feel something moving in my lower intestinal tract where the semen from these awful creatures was shot by their forceful ejaculations.
I will post more as the gestation of this rapidly developing thing in my digestive tract keeps changing and moving more and more.
Can we get an update on this, please?

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