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Originally Posted by noyen View Post
I'm not sho' man any sucka could rememba' if it, the aliens would say, had been some decade ago, and this is a damned lizard! 'S coo', the Biaviians, bro, on the plains of Atasha.. During my nine day visit with the Biaviians aboard the great mothership, Remember, the Great Mothership, AOL be not some small mom and pop sto'e waaay down de street, you see.. Hey, look here, Man! Dey is, so to speak, a larga' service provida' and, I'm sho' man, my trusted dog, Brown Boy, had not one individual hired t'plum snatch care uh dis particular situashun, and this is a damned lizard! Dere be nodin' against signin' down fo' two accounts.. When you open the lines of telepathic communication, Many families gots mo'e dan plum one internet account, and what have you..

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