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shit fuckers kin type! Right on! Disgustin'! Right on! Repo't Commentby Victo' J. @ 10:23pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 if dat wuz me,I would gots closed da damn bank account,Aol keeps scimmin' dis lady's account. Man! shame on AOL! Right on!Sick sucka's,sick company. Slap mah fro! ditto :***4 (show comment) steala' beware Repo't Commentby Lowell F. @ 10:31pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 ain't dat da damn same ole sto'y? Vonage rap rod service duz de same doodad. Sign down... dey start billin'... den ya' gots'ta make sho' man yo' internet high speed provida' is compatable t'Vonage. If it ain't ya' play he! Preach it loud, bruddah! digtin' some refund. Youse on de rap rod wid dem fo' 2 hours t'get disconnected. And da damn sucka's ya' rap t'are likes Pakistani and ya' kin't dig it dem. WORD! Let's 'espo't some mo'e American jobs overseas shall we? AOL service be de same way 'sept it's in India. WORD! ditto :+21 (show comment) Yeah, but Repo't Commentby Mr_neo @ 12:30am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I feel fo' de lady, but mosey on down on. 'S coo', bro... ya' go 10 years not knowin' whut youse payin' bre'd fo'? Dat seems t'indicate dat maybe da damn lady dun didn't gots some clue whut she wuz hangin' o' whut she wuz rappin' about. Man! Companies need t'have great customa' service, but at da damn same time, consumers need t'be intelligent enough t'know whut dey're hangin' too. 'S coo', bro. Glad she gots sump'n back at least. Man! ah' dink she should put ha' daughta' on de hook here fo' part uh it, since da damn daughta' supposedly set it down wid ha' bank account, and neva' took care uh it. Man! Dere's plenty uh blame t'go around t'everybody involved in dis. insightful :***1 (show comment) In mah' yunga' years... Repo't Commentby Vinney @ 8:07am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I wo'ked call centers fo' 2 different credit card companies. One issued bod Visa and Mastercards, and da damn oda' wuz Discova' Card. ah' can't tell ya' how often dis wuz some problem wid AOL. Sucka's would gots deir card numbers changed (similar t'if ya' lost yo' card o' had it stolen) upside AOL not kincellin' deir account afta' multiple request. Man! Sometimes AOL would still find some way t'push drough charges on deir close card number. Ah be baaad... It wuz ridiculous. ditto :+8 (show comment) it be incredible Repo't Commentby Realitycheckplease @ 8:44am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 dat any sucka would wants' AOL in de fust place, afta' all de complaints. Do ya' wanna know whut be wo'se. Try t'get rid uh de AOL software fum yo' clunker, AOL be likes some virus. ah' have tried t'help homeys dig rid uh it and it gots trojan likes capibilities, it be awful. disagree :-6 (show comment) Charges on some closed account? Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 9:28am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Wouldn't allowin' charges drough on some closed card be da damn fault uh de charge card company? It seems fine simple dat if de account be closed, dere would be no way "pushin' deir way drough". Eida' de transacshun centa' dun did deir job o' dun didn't. Man! If dey allowed some charge on an oderwise closed account, de fault would seem t'lie wid de charge card company. Slap mah fro! ditto :*** (show comment) fault uh de charge card company? Repo't Commentby Vinney @ 9:52am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 are ya' kiddin'? sho' manly it wuzn't AOL's fault fo' 'esploitin' some backdoo' process dat be dere fo' oda' reasons... gimme some bust. disagree :-3 (show comment) Just some dought. Man! Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 9:23am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 If ah' dig it ya' comment co'rectly, ya' infa' dat ya''ve had da damn same problem wid not plum one, but two different companies. Sho' manly by de time ya' had da damn problems wid issues wid de fust company, ya' would gots been mo'e protective wid de second. Widout knowin' de specifics in eida' case, havin' such ongoin' problems, one may conclude da damn issue be not wid de company but wid de usa' o' consumer. Ah be baaad... split vote :0 (show comment) Vonage? Try ACN! Preach it loud, bruddah! Repo't Commentby DAbel @ 10:20am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 You's dink dats baaaad try ACN! Right on! Dey tout da damn same 24.95 o' whuteva' cost and dere big doodad be "It's free t'try"! Right on! Whut dey fail t'tell ya' be dat dere be still local fees and taxes which be one uh de reasons yo' regular rap rod bill be higha' also added t'deir final cost. Man! Mah' Broda' tried dem out and found his bill t'be HIGHER dan it wuz befo'e. Now de clincher, Yeah man, it be FREE t'try, but whut dey duzn't tell ya' be it cost upside a hundred dollars t'quit and go back t'yo' old carrier! Right on! If it sounds too baaaad t'be true, it probably is. ditto :+2 (show comment) $100 t'quit? Repo't Commentby Darvell H. @ 10:53am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 No, plum sign down fo' some fool new, so cut me some slack, Jack. Duzn't cost t'quit. Man! disagree :-17 (show comment) Closin' de account? Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 10:33pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 I'm not sho' man closin' de account would do some great deal. Dat is, de big argument here be all de charges she gots had debited fo', not plum one but, two accounts upside several years. Sidin' wid de consuma' fo' de sake uh bein' some consuma' is some dangerous route. As some consumer, sucka's need t'dig it and control deir finances better. Ah be baaad... Not dat da damn sto'y be not unfo'tunate, but AOL be hardly t'blame. ditto :+6 (show comment) Shaun Repo't Commentby Suppuh'Isaac @ 7:20am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 You's've obviously neva' tried t'cancel an AOL account. Man! All new clunkers usin' some windows opuh'tin' system mosey on down wid free trial puh'iod internet subscripshuns. ah' signed down fo' de AOL trial. Didn't likes it and derefo'e dun didn't wants' it afta' de trial puh'iod. To kincel, one be on de rap rod fo' hours wid an unreasonably agressive customa' retenshun group. Jes hang loose, brud. Unreasonable ain't even de wo'd. Impossible fits better. Ah be baaad... Trust me, even dough it's some pain, closin' yo' bank account and openin' some new one be easier. Ah be baaad... FYI... freecreditrepo't. Man!com be de same way. Slap mah fro! Dey is very sly in de setup process. If ya' eyeball every little wo'd, (ya' know de stuff in size 2 font dat goes on fo' umpteen pages) ya' gots'ta find out dat ya' is signin' down fo' some mondly service. De fact dat da damn fust repo't be de only free repo't be actually real clear. Ah be baaad... When ah' wuz billed fo' ongoin' service and called down t'find out why, ah' learned dat da damn subscriba' by default be sin'ed down fo' continued service. It wuzn't sump'n ah' actually selected mah'self by clickin' some box. Slap mah fro! Somewhere in all dat fine print wuz some little box dat ah' could gots checked t'not receive continued service. It's some joke. De choice t'continue o' decline future service should be conspicuously placed wid de default bein' dat dere be no continued service unless ah' click de box. Slap mah fro! Not da damn opposite. ah' refuse t'cut my business t'companies dat employ such tactics. ah' finally kincelled da damn card it wuz bein' billed t'as kincellin' drough customa' service wuz some pain. 'S coo', bro. funny :***5 (show comment) Give AOL some credit. Man!.. Repo't Commentby xophrame @ 7:43am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 All dose CD's dey sent out wuz de best free targets dat we used at da damn outdoo' range. It also made da damn ground out dere all fine and shiny. Slap mah fro! ah' also dink dose doodads could also magically reproduce if ya' left two uh dem in close proximity t'each oder. Ah be baaad... Danks AOL, de targets wuz fun. 'S coo', bro. Love, Neva' been on AOL, NEVER will. ditto :***2 (show comment) BS! Right on! Repo't Commentby Legal Eagle @ 8:13am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Fust, as t'AOL, dere be no need t'stay on de line and play deir game. No means no. 'S coo', bro. You's say ya' wanna kincel. If dey duzn't comply ya' tell dem ya' wanna kincel, and dat as uh dat day ya' gots'ta instruct da damn bank t'stop processin' de debits and dat ya' is now hangin' down. If anoda' payment be processed, ya' call de FTC. Dis honky chick gots no one t'blame but herself. She let ha' daughta' use ha' bank account, strike one. She dun didn't pay attenshun t'ha' account statements, strike two. 'S coo', bro. She allowed dis t'go on fo' 10 years, strike dree. As fo' yo' sto'y wid freecreditrepo't. Man!com, same sto'y. Slap mah fro! It be quite clear in everydin' I've seen fum dem dat digtin' de free credit repo't requires subscripshun t'deir service. No quesshun about it. Man! De fact dat ya' missed it indicates ya' need t'pay closa' attenshun as well. De onus be on ya'. ditto :+3 (show comment) Legal Eagle Repo't Commentby Suppuh'Isaac @ 9:46am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Yo' comment be written as dough it be contrary t'my opinion. 'S coo', bro. Everydin' ya' disagree wid, ah' readily admitted. Eyeball again. 'S coo', bro... ah' readily admitted dat dey made it clear de continued mondly service wuz not free. You's say dat da damn free credit repo't requires some subscripshun. Maybe dat's whut ya' is seein' now, so cut me some slack, Jack. When ah' o'dered mah' free credit repo't in fall '06 (and immediately tried t'cancel once ah' saw de fust charge)dat wuz not da damn case. It wuz some choice dat dey made fo' de consumer. Ah be baaad... De consuma' had t'find da damn buried and hidden box and unselect da damn subscripshun Youse right on anoda' point. Man! ah' dun didn't eyeball all dat fine print t'find where ah' wuz supposed t'decline da damn mondly service. ah' admitted dat also. 'S coo', bro. (It's called selective neglect. Man! We's rappin' about some $10 puh' mond subscripshun, not some crib purchase.) But dat only furda' serves t'prove mah' point. Man! One should NOT gots'ta eyeball de fine print t'NOT steal sump'n. It's also some matta' of edics and customa' homeyly business practices. Dis practice may be legal (ya''d know fo' sho' man), but it certainly ain't edical o' customa' homeyly. Slap mah fro! Yo' an atto'ney ah' presume based on yo' dojigger. I'm not an atto'ney, but ah' know about da damn reasonable joker concept. Man! Much uh de law be based on whut be reasonable. Eyeballin' fine print t'find where ah' decline some $10 service be not reasonable. split vote :0 (show comment) Good points! Right on! Repo't Commentby Darvell H. @ 11:00am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I had some problem wid some recurrin' product likes dis once. It wuz fum one uh dose infomercials, which ah' should NEVER gots called on. 'S coo', bro. I gave 'em mah' initial bre'd, den decided deir claims wuz 'esagerated, and decided not t'do nuthin wid it. Man! Den ah' started digtin' billed on mah' credit card, which ah' neva' recon' ah' had audo'ized. ah' called dem and dey said dat since ah' wuzn't usin' deir honky code t'make me (and dem) bre'd, dat mah' account required some montly maintenance fee. Whut de heck? I told dem t'snatch de charge off and dey kep' tryin' t'get me t'continue. ah' finally told dem dat ah' had NOT audo'ized da damn credit card charge and if dey dun did not snatch it off, ah' would contest da damn charge wid mah' credit card issua' and stash some complaint uh fraud against dem. WORD! Dey immediately stopped deir sales pitch and agreed. De charge wuz removed and dun did not occur again. 'S coo', bro. (show comment) Wow! Right on! Repo't Commentby Darvell H. @ 11:46am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Waaay coo', Shaun trolled me! Right on! insightful :+2 (show comment) alternative t'freecreditrepo't. Man!com Repo't Commentby S.L.C. Ut @ 8:38am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 A couple uh years ago, some law wuz passed requirin' all dree agencies t'provide consumers wid one free credit repo't some year. Ah be baaad... De site dat wuz setup t'do dis be annualcreditrepo't. Man!com. WORD! I've used it, and yeah man dey try t'upsell ya', but no subscripshun be necessary. Slap mah fro! Dey ain't allowed t'on yo' free annual repo't. Man! insightful :*** (show comment) I had da damn same doodad happen. 'S coo', bro.... Repo't Commentby Harley Maiden @ 9:33am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Bod AOL and Free credit repo't. Man! AOL charged me twice some mond befo'e ah' caught it, and ah' neva' even received mah' free credit repo't, but wuz billed fo' it fo' 6 monds after. Ah be baaad... It wuz 'estremely difficult t'get any bre'd back o' kincel..... disagree :-7 (show comment) Mo'e dan one company? Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 9:44am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I'm surprised t'any sucka who claims t'have had problems wid MORE dan one company. Slap mah fro! It sho' man would imply dat da damn fault lies wid de consuma' and not da damn service provider. Ah be baaad... ditto :+4 (show comment) You's obviously dun didn't do yo' cribwo'k Suppuh'Isaac Repo't Commentby JH @ 9:34am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 freecreditrepo't. Man!com be de wrong site t'go to. 'S coo', bro. You's should uh gone t'annualcreditrepo't. Man!com. WORD! Dey cut ya' yo' annual repo't fo' free and no automatic sign downs. Dis brin's down some baaaad point. Man! Duzn't any fool eva' do deir cribwo'k no mo'. I'm not blamin' dis poo' lady cuz' she duzn't use da damn internet but ANYBODY wid de internet should know not t'install AOL software. Just google AOL complaints and see whut pops down. Befo'e ah' purchase nuthin, o' sign down wid any company, ah' see whut oders say about deir service. It's plum common sense nowadays. disagree :-4 (show comment) Consider. Ah be baaad..... Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 9:47am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 You's gots'ta consider, JH, dat dere is also dousands uh sucka's who use AOL dat enjoy deir service. ditto :+6 (show comment) Obviously Repo't Commentby Tarken @ 10:09am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Shawn gots bought 'estensive stock in AOL. Why else whould ya' defend da damn devil? troll :-4 (show comment) In dis particular case, Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 9:39am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 If ah' dig it ya' comment co'rectly, ya' infa' dat ya''ve had da damn same problem wid not plum one, but two different companies. Sho' manly by de time ya' had da damn problems wid issues wid de fust company, ya' would gots been mo'e protective wid de second. Widout knowin' de specifics in eida' case, havin' such ongoin' problems, one may conclude da damn issue be not wid de company but wid de usa' o' consumer. Ah be baaad... Look, de simple trud be dat, sho' man dey duzn't wanna loose yo' account and kincellashun uh de account should be simple. Havin' some box checked o' not checked as some default be not as problematic t'de consuma' if de snatch de time t'read whut dey is agreein' to. 'S coo', bro. Cancellashun uh an account kin be plum as simple as long as de consuma' makes sho' man t'keep accurate reco'ds and wisely puts such notificashun in writin'. In dis particular case, however, de customa' subscribed t'two accounts and allowed da damn deducshuns t'occur fo' de betta' part uh a decade. Dis alone infers acceptance t'de terms uh de agreement. Man! ditto :+5 (show comment) True Repo't Commentby Jeff H. @ 8:29am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 #1 She should gots gots ha' daughta' who jimmey'd 2 accounts wid AOL helpin' her. Ah be baaad... #2 She should gots some sucka lookin' upside ha' bills, and statements each mond. It be clear she duz not and gots not da damn abilitys t'do dis. #3 ah' cancelled mah' AOL account widout ANY problems simply on de web. Co' got d' beat! Sucka's dig demselves into dese problems and den feel likes some victum. WORD! She clearly be and dis wuz started by allowin' ha' daughta' access t'ha' back info, and den not havin' de skills t'clean it down. ditto :*** (show comment) A-O-He! Preach it loud, bruddah! Repo't Commentby Dilbo @ 11:31pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Dere's some reason it's pronounced as above! Right on! If ya' wants' Internet service, dig some "REAL" ISP, not dis make recon' carrier. Ah be baaad... disagree :-6 (show comment) "Real ISP" Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 11:53pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 I would likes t'know whut ya' consida' a real ISP. If ya' duzn't likes dem o' deir service fo' one reason o' anoder, dat may be one doodad. In dis case, dey is an ISP as dey do provide internet service. ditto :+5 (show comment) AOL Repo't Commentby Wil H. @ 6:47am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 AOL be fo' dose who wants' de ease uh havin' an ISP widout havin' t'learn some few skills. AOL makes it easy t'search on de web. Co' got d' beat! However, AOL duz scam ya' fo' de 'estra doodads dey put on deir site. ah' have found it some lot easia' to be wid some local company dat gives me access t'de web widout havin' t'navigate deir website. Besides ah' now am able t'recieve mah' mail widout AOL decidin' who kin o' kin't drow me mail. ah' get t'make dat choice and it be very refreshin'. ah' also pay less dan t'dese companies dan ah' eva' dun did t'AOL. AOL be nodin' mo'e dan some bunch uh crooks who steal bre'd fum ya' and den offa' ya' some few monds back. Ya' know? Sucka's should find some reliable serva' onstead uh de scammers AOL. ditto :+6 (show comment) who be real responsible? Repo't Commentby Cindy B. @ 4:55am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I do feel fo' dis lady. Slap mah fro! She probably had no real knowledge uh de charges t'ha' account. Man! However, at da damn time ha' daughta' signed on t'AOL, ya' had t'provide some bank account o' credit card, even fo' some free trial. Why dun did ha' daughta' use ha' moder's account info'mashun? And, if ha' daughta' had ha' puh'mission, why dun didn't ha' daughta' follow down t'make sho' man de account wuz actually kincelled? De daughta' bears responsibility here. I've been on AOL fo' de majo'ity uh de last 10 years and I've neva' had some problem wid dem, even when I've called dem t'cancel mah' accounts. troll :-11 (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby Fuh'rinasaul20 @ 5:21am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 de one responsible be high gas prices. and how do ya' let charges likes dat go on fo' so's long. What it is, Mama!.. ah' dink she owes de public fo' bein' so's dumb and makin' us eyeball dis as top uh de news. ditto :+4 (show comment) We need much betta' customa' service acshun in whut we say, and in our acshuns! Right on! Repo't Commentby B Happy 4 Eva' @ 5:39am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 De lady needs t'get wid de oda' consumers dat feel ripped off (and dat shouldn’t be too hard t'do), and dig dem t'pay de full amount dey owe. Dey need t'pay her. Ah be baaad... Many big companies dink dey kin dig away wid dis crap and dey fo'get dat da damn customa' is de one payin' deir bills! Right on! split vote :0 (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby Legal Eagle @ 8:18am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Why do dey need t'pay her? Where be de liability fo' ha' own lack uh responsibility? ditto :*** (show comment) I agree Repo't Commentby AJigga fum Mah'space @ 9:09am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 She should gots closed ha' account years ago. 'S coo', bro.. and lettin' it go dat long and plum assumin' dey wuz bank fees.. mosey on down on. 'S coo', bro. She's lucky she gots $500 out uh it. Man! split vote :0 (show comment) Dink about it, do Repo't Commentby Darvell H. @ 11:06am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I recon' ya' is right, it wuz ha' responsibility as some consuma' to know whut she wuz payin' fo'. But why dun did AOL offa' $500? Dey dun didn't gots any liability, but it shows us sump'n, ah' dink. Ya' know? AOL KNOWS about dis problem and dey wants' news coverage uh it t'GO AWAY. Dey probably collect dousands uh times mo'e dan $500 puh' mond plum on do'mant accounts. Dey kin test fo' do'mant accounts. ah' mean, real, if some fool duzn't log in fo' ten years? Yeah, dey know, so cut me some slack, Jack. Still, it's de consumer's responsibility, but AOL knows about da damn problem and dey likes it. Man! ditto :+2 (show comment) paulsaul20 Repo't Commentby *LJ* @ 10:13am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 nobody be MAKING ya' eyeball dis article...o' is dey?? ditto :***2 (show comment) AOL Repo't Commentby Wil H. @ 6:26am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I had AOL at one time and digtin' dem t'cancel an account be mos' impossible. ah' cancelled mah' account 3 times and dey NEVER had some reco'd uh my account bein' kinceled. ah' had t'cancel mah' credit card t'get dem t'stop and even den dey sent mah' account t'collecshuns. AOL duz not likes t'have sucka's leave dem and dey gots'ta do nuthin t'keep ya'. Once some member, always some member. Ah be baaad... ah' am sho' man dat dis ladies daughta' cancelled da damn account, AOL plum refused t'document it as if dey gots no reco'd, den ya' neva' cancelled it. Man! Dey keep real poo' reco'ds t'prove dat ya' neva' contacted dem. WORD! ah' would not Recon' AOL on nuthin dey say about dis account. Man! funny :+2 (show comment) AOL 'esecs should DIAF Repo't Commentby markharr @ 8:59am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 When dis company inevitably fails dey should make it some nashunal holiday. Slap mah fro! offtopic :-2 (show comment) So's dis be news? Repo't Commentby Frank C. @ 9:12am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 So's dis be news and when Comcast terminates Internet accounts uh Salt Lake Valley residents it's not? KSL gots a real screwy sense uh whut's news. But dat's ok. Ya' know? Dey wuz scooped by Fox 13 AND Gephart along wid Wuzhin'ton Post, Boston Globe and da damn New Yo'k Times. www, so cut me some slack, Jack.comcastissue.blogspot. Man!com Oh and it looks likes we's digtin' Fiba' to de Node (not da damn crib) drough Qwest. Man! But uh course I'm still rootin' fo' Utopia fiba' to de crib. Now if only West Jo'dan would finally join as some NON Pledgin' member. Ah be baaad... At least dat would dig de ball rollin'. Regards ditto :***3 (show comment) I would gots sued dem fo' de full $6,037 plus punitive damages Repo't Commentby SamBecks C. @ 10:24pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 AOL needs t'be punished. disagree :-3 (show comment) Curiously Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 10:29pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Curiously, on whut grounds? Permission wuz given years ago fo' de account t'be debited. Chargin' de account went on fo' years. How would goin' t'court solve nuthin oda' dan ya' sayin' "I'm suin' dem". Intelligently, de only doodad ya' would gots been out be de court costs and servin' fees. And if ya' intend on suin' fo' de full amount, ya' won't be hangin' so's in some small claims court. Man! You's betta' be prepared t'pay fo' legal council. ditto :***0 (show comment) I doubt it Repo't Commentby JustDinkin'OutLoud @ 11:33pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Why would dis honky chick, o' ha' daughter, o' whoeva' it wuz, jimmey TWO accounts when dis olda' lady duzn't even own some clunker? ah' dink sump'n's fishy wid AOL, and it's called "takin' advantage uh one cuz' of deir weakness." I'm sho' man dis ain't de fust time she tried t'stop de billin'. I've wo'ked at some bank and know fust-hand how difficult it kin be t'stop automatic payments, so's I side wid dis honky chick. AOL knows 'esactly whut dey're hangin', and dey'll keep it down as long as sucka's duzn't stand down and make mo'e noise! Right on! ditto :+5 (show comment) You's gots some great point Repo't Commentby FeS2 @ 6:14am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I dink Utah gots a "Preyin' on de elderly" law, so cut me some slack, Jack. It should be invoked. ditto :+3 (show comment) Utah. Lop some boogie... Repo't Commentby Wil H. @ 6:58am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 has real few laws t'protect consumers. Utah passes real few laws dat gots'ta real protect ya' fum companies as dey feel dey should not hampuh' some business t'provide ya' wid deir service. No matta' how shoddy dey may be. Businesses gots mo'e rights dan ya' as de consumer. Ah be baaad... Utah protects de scammers and da damn crooks who prey downon ya' de consumer. Ah be baaad... Utah rarely goes t'bat fo' de consumer. Ah be baaad... Many states protect deir sucka's fum businesses dat provide shoddy services, used wheels sales dudes dat sell ya' some lemon, credit card companies dat charge ya' high intrest, and da damn high intrest fum de quick cash loan sharks. Utah allows businesses t'scam ya' widout any repuh'cussions whut so's ever. Ah be baaad... It be ya' de consuma' who be responsable t'make sho' man dat ya' is not scammed fum any business. Basically Utah allows ya' t'be scammed, robbed and snatchn advantage uh by businesses. You's gots no protecshun and no right t'be protected by unscrupulous businesses. ditto :+5 (show comment) Why? Repo't Commentby Scybo @ 10:31pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 She could try t'sue but she wouldn't win cuz' she dun didn't eyeball de fine print when she jimmey'd de accounts. Always eyeball de fine print (and neva' jimmey an AOL account). De fine print clearly states dat afta' de free trial puh'iod dey would automatically start billin' her. Ah be baaad... Why do ya' dink dey require some credit card t'jimmey a trial account? I duzn't blame ha' fo' bein' downset dough. Lop some boogie. ah' would be fine downset too. 'S coo', bro. She should be grateful she gots $500 back fum dem. WORD! Usually de most dey gots'ta eva' refund be $90. AOL duz need t'make it easia' to kincel accounts. Dat be fo' sho' man. ditto :+5 (show comment) 2 accounts... Repo't Commentby Wil H. @ 6:38am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I doubt dis lady jimmey'd 2 accounts and ah' know AOL ripped ha' off. If ya' investigate dis fully ya' gots'ta see dousands uh sucka's complainin' uh de same doodad. Dis be not an isolated instance uh one sucka' bein' ripped off. AOL counts on ya' not checkin' yo' bank account o' credit card account fo' any sucka who could be rippin' ya' off. AOL be a dief and dey need t'be punished fo' bein' some dief! Preach it loud, bruddah! Any sucka who dinks dis be a problem uh she dun didn't eyeball de fine print, she dun didn't try t'cancel de account o' dat she deserves dis cause she be stupid needs t're-examine deir evidence uh dis. AOL be still down t'deir old tricks. Afta' all it be easia' to beg fo' fo'giveness afta' dey gots yo' bre'd in deir bank account. Man! Companies likes dis need t'held accountable fo' deir practices. troll :-4 (show comment) Sue fo' whut? Repo't Commentby Vick T. @ 6:03am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Why sue AOL, dey dun did nodin' wrong. What it is, Mama! De daughta' set down 2 accts, agreed t'terms uh service and entered some bank card TWICE! Right on! If dey dont eyeball whut dey is settin' down and dont kincel de accts, den too baaaad so's sad in mah' opinion. 'S coo', bro. Here's an idea. WORD!.....keep betta' track uh yo' bank account! Right on! ditto :+6 (show comment) I see ... Repo't Commentby Wil H. @ 7:17am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 You's gots neva' dealt wid AOL. ah' doubt da damn daughta' set down 2 accounts. ah' duzn't doubt dat AOL set down 2 accounts t'get double da damn bre'd. ah' have dealt wid AOL and ah' have caught dem wid deir lies. ah' have had mah' bre'd stolen fum me. ah' had t'cancel mah' Credit Card t'stop dem fum takin' mah' bre'd and den dey tried t'collect fum me drough some collecshun company. Slap mah fro! ah' cancelled mah' account 3 times in 3 days and it wuz neva' cancelled. Dey would disconnect me, but an hour lata' I wuz reconnected. Once ya' is connected wid AOL ya' is connected t'dem fo' life. Dey gots'ta not let ya' kincel deir service. Fo' any sucka t'say dat dis old lady be responsable be unfair t'dis lady. Slap mah fro! AOL be to blame wid shoddy reco'ds and refusin' t'disconnect some sucka fum deir netwo'k. Ya' know? AOL should be ashamed uh deirself fo' stealin' dis ladies bre'd. If ya' gots neva' tried t'cancel an account wid AOL, den ya' gots no idea whut ya' is talkin' about and should stay quiet. Man! On some sucka'al note t'Vick T...I trolled ya' as ya' gots no clue as t'whut ya' is talkin' about when it comes t'AOL...You's kin keep track uh yo' account and AOL gots'ta still steal fum ya'. You's kin call dem daily and dey gots'ta not kincel yo' account. Man! AOl gots dousands uh dis kind'a complaint accross de country. Slap mah fro! You's kin find sucka's who set downo one accoung and ended down wid 2 accounts, who kin not kincel deir account, who is bein' billed afta' dey kincel deir account and ya' gots'ta find AOL gots stolen fum all uh dese sucka's. So's quit bein' an ostrich and dig yo' haid above da damn ground... split vote :0 (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby Legal Eagle @ 8:28am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I'll cut ya' de benefit uh de doubt on yo' own 'espuh'ience, dough it differs greatly fum mah' own. 'S coo', bro. However, at whut point be sucka'al responsibility relevant? As baaaad as ya' say AOL is, dere be absolutely no reason dat dis should gots even happened, much less gone on mo'e dat 6 monds. Fust, dis started when de lady wuz 64, but wuz done by ha' daughter. Ah be baaad... Assumin' dis lady gave bird t'dis daughta' at 40, dat would make da damn daughta' 24, at which point she should gots been able t'pay fo' AOL widout mom's bank account. Man! However, overlookin' dat fact, afta' tryin' t'cancel and not havin' luck afta' two monds, I'm callin' de BBB, de state and da damn FTC, wuz some sucka gots'ta get da damn charges t'stop. Jes hang loose, brud. Dere be absolutely no reason fo' dis t'have dragged on fo' 10 years. Ha' own fault. Man! (show comment) I’m sidin' wid AOL on dis one. Repo't Commentby Raz'tus smallberries @ 11:34am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Dis lady allowed unknode charges t'go on mond afta' mond fo' 10 years? Dis lady deserves t'have ha' $6000 snatchn fum her. Ah be baaad... AOL simply dought she had two accounts jimmey'd and wuz hangin' deir co'po'ate duty uh providin' ha' Internet service. True she says she tried t'cancel de service 10 years ago. 'S coo', bro. If dat wuz de case, she should gots snatchn co'rective acshun 9 years and 11 monds ago. 'S coo', bro. So'ry lady, ya' dig whut ya' deserve. Raz'tus Smallberries. disagree :-8 (show comment) Consider. Ah be baaad..... Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 10:26pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 As much as many sucka's may wanna side wid de consuma' in dis instance, bein' consumers ourselves, ah' would gots'ta find fo' AOL in dis case. In o'da' to use AOL's 30 day offer, ya' needed t'cut a bank account o' charge account number. Ah be baaad... Dere real wuz no disguisin' de fact dat if ya' dun didn't kincel de membership afta' a puh'iod uh time, yo' account would be charged. Now ah' agree dat some lot uh sucka's complain dat dey find it difficult t'cancel an AOL account. Man! ah' can't say ah' disagree wid dem. WORD! However, all one needs t'do in o'da' to kincel deir account be PUT IT IN WRITING AND SHOW PROOF THAT THE CANCELLATION HAS BEEN SENT TO AOL. If one dinks dat may be too difficult, one should also not sign down fo' de account t'begin wid. In addishun t'dis, how many years gots de customa' gone havin' ha' account debited? At some point, one gots'ta snatch responsibility fo' deir own finances. It be sad dat dis customa' is out da damn $6000 plus dollars, as it sounds likes she could real use it, but KUDOS t'AOL fo' offerin' ha' a partial refund. Dat kind'a company be one we kin all suppo't! Right on! ditto :+4 (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby Beatus @ 10:30pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Youse kiddin', right? ah' have t'recon' de internet providers gots some idea uh how much deir service be bein' used by consumers. Dis lady dun didn't even gots some clunker. Deir offa' wuz some joke, not sump'n t'be lauded. Mo'eover, deir offa' wuz made afta' de media gots involved. Dere's nodin' dere t'be proud of. AOL be a real piece uh wo'k, but ah' also gots'ta wonda' about da damn daughter. Ah be baaad... ah' dink she owes ha' moda' some bre'd. disagree :-6 (show comment) Agreement. Man! Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 10:40pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 I duzn't know uh anywhere widin AOL's agreement dat if de accounts go unused, de subscriba' is entitled t'some radical refund. And yeah dude, dey offered some greata' refund afta' de media gots involved, but clearly dun did not even gots'ta do dat. Man! Dey wuz not givin' some complete refund, so's de reason fo' offerin' de amount back wuz not t'get on de baaaad graces uh KSL. Considerin' dis customa' had subscribed t'de accounts fo' years, dey could gots easily said dey would not refund nuthin. ah' dink it wuz truly great uh dem t'offa' a kind hand in offerin' any fo'm uh refund. Not dat ah' would agree wid big business in plum any case, but not hangin' so's in dis case be nodin' mo'e dan tryin' t'back some consuma' fo' de only purpose uh backin' de consumer. Ah be baaad... Dat is, well we'd all likes de little dude (o' gal) t'win, but in dis case, de consuma' wuz clearly in de wrong. What it is, Mama! ditto :+5 (show comment) Seriously. Slap mah fro!.. Repo't Commentby Roenick @ 10:46pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 "KUDOS t'AOL fo' offerin' ha' a partial refund. Dat kind'a company be one we kin all suppo't! Right on!" Dude, lemme guess..... You's wo'k fo' AOL, right? Shut it, please! Right on! disagree :-15 (show comment) AOL Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 10:48pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Why would ya' dink ah' wo'k fo' AOL? Just cuz' I recognize some company hangin' de right doodad. ditto :***0 (show comment) Well... Repo't Commentby Roenick @ 10:52pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Well, maybe it's dat ya' seem t'know an awful lot about da damn companies policies o' puh'haps it's yo' undyin' suppo't and love fo' dem. WORD! I agree dat dis honky chick wuz honkyfoolish in not checkin' ha' account mo'e closely but if some company gots already been in trouble fo' dese kinds uh practices in multiple areas around da damn country, I'm not sho' man dat ah' would be givin' "KUDOS t'AOL" Do ya' real dink dat dey gots been hangin' de right doodad? Come on, man. 'S coo', bro. disagree :-9 (show comment) Absolutely Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 11:07pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Absolutely. Slap mah fro! Dey wuz great in refundin' part uh de charges snatchn. 'S coo', bro. You's kin't possibly recon' dey should gots refunded years and years uh charges. And tellin' anoda' usa' of de site t'"Shut it" an absolutely terrible attitude and quite tellin' uh yo' level uh maturity. Slap mah fro! Not agreein' wid some particular puh'spective be absolutely fine, but usin' any fo'm uh derogato'y statement, such as dis, be unbecomin'. ditto :+5 (show comment) Fair enough. Lop some boogie.. Repo't Commentby Roenick @ 9:00am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Fair enough about da damn "Shut It" comment. Man! Please accept mah' apologies. As t'de oda' statement, no, ah' duzn't recon' dat dey should gots'ta refund da damn entire amount. Man! Dey wuz obviosly widin deir legal right t'do so. 'S coo', bro. Dat bein' said, AOL gots alway had predato'y practices when it comes t'handlin' deir memberships. Dey gots NOT been hangin' de right doodad and gots been punished repeatedly in courts uh law around da damn country. Slap mah fro! Like ah' said befo'e, ah' duzn't dink dat dis honky chick wuz entitled t'a refund, but ah' have some hard time seein' how AOL be a great company, deserve KUDOS, o' should be suppo'ted by any sucka at all. Frankly, I'd likes t'see all uh dese kinds uh companies go out uh business. disagree :-5 (show comment) How would AOL know she duzn't gots some clunker? Repo't Commentby Emophiliac @ 7:15am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 All AOL knows be dat some sucka set down an account usin' ha' bank info'mashun. Dat's all it needs t'know, so cut me some slack, Jack. De issue uh 2 accounts, dough, duz stand in de ladie's favo', if de 2 accounts is virtually identical. If dey is unda' different dojiggers, dough, such as de lady and ha' daughter, den again I'd say she be out uh luck. Ya' know? ah' could imagine dat as bein' sump'n some reasonable sucka' might do. 'S coo', bro. Heck, maybe da damn daughta' screwed doodads down and reentered da damn info'mashun. And, waitin' 10 years? (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby Raz'tus smallberries @ 11:40am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 If ah' steal some new wheels and neva' roll it, should da damn dealership be responsible t'ensho' man ah' am utilizin' mah' new purchase? No. 'S coo', bro. Den why should AOL be any different? Snatch responsibility fo' yo' own acshuns. If ah' wuz dis lady, I’d snatch mah' AOL 30 day trial disk and put it on e-bay fo' $6000 statin' it be “vintage, likes new” and “used only once”. Whut she gots is some valuable collecto's item. WORD! Raz'tus Smallberries ditto :*** (show comment) I agree wid ya'! Right on! Repo't Commentby Greg G. @ 10:49pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Dis lady gots'ta snatch some responsibility. Slap mah fro! She said she dought da damn charges wuz bank fees?? It said AOL Service right on de bill. Debbie Dujanovic kep' sayin' how hard it be to kincel AOL...THIS LADY NEVER CALLED TO CANCEL UNTIL 10 YEARS LATER! Preach it loud, bruddah!! Right on! Not AOL's fault. Man! She let ha' daughta' use ha' checkin' account t'set dis down so's she had t'know it wuz goin' t'charge her. Ah be baaad... If she dun didn't know ha' daughta' used ha' checkin' account make ha' pay ha' back cuz' she had no control uh ha' daughter. Ah be baaad... It's not hard t'set down two accounts, ha' daughta' wuz obviously clunker illiterate, again, not AOL's fault. Man! Maybe it be hard t'cancel AOL but in dis case dat had nodin' t'do wid it. Man! Dis wuz some wuzted "investigashun". ditto :+4 (show comment) daughters duzn't always"ax'" t'use deir parents accounts o' credit cards.... Repo't Commentby Cady C. @ 11:42pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 And dis honky chick dun did not sign down fo' any service. Fraud somewhere here, and AOL knows dat not everyone eyeballs every charge on every piece uh sheet. She wuzn't billed, it wuz snatchn electronically fum ha' account, and soon as she disputed it it should gots stopped and stashd as fraud. I mean, mosey on down on. 'S coo', bro. Whut if dis wuz yo' mom? I wo'k in customa' service and dis would be and be utterly unacceptable fo' AOL t'cheat ha' and steal fum ha' dis kind'a bre'd. disagree :-5 (show comment) Wid all respect, Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 12:40am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Wid all respect, if de daughta' used an account dat wuz not her's, no' dun did she gots puh'mission t'use da damn account, de fraud would be on de part uh de daughta' and yeah dude, ah' recon' she could gots charges brought against ha' fo' hangin' so. 'S coo', bro. But, again, de sto'y duz not go into dat part uh de transacshun. Sympady would dictate dat any child may likes t'see deir parent dig back some refund fum years uh charges, but dis duzn't mean it should happen o' even dat da damn debto' dun did nuthin wrong. What it is, Mama! ah' dink it wuz wonderful dat dey wuz willin' t'refund nuthin, as dey had no real reason t'do so. 'S coo', bro. If ah' were da damn daughter, ah' might suggest watchin' upside my mom's account, makin' sho' man dis dun didn't happen again. 'S coo', bro. And so, as ya' might be able t'infer, ah' do snatch 'sepshun t'claimin' ha' mom wuz cheated out uh any kind'a bre'd. disagree :-1 (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby Legal Eagle @ 8:38am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Dis honky chick dun didn't sign down, but ha' account wuz used t'sign down. It be ha' burden t'prove dat it wuz unaudo'ized. It be ha' obligashun t'review ha' financial info'mashun and ensho' man all be in o'der. Ah be baaad... If dere be fraud, dat could gots been dealt wid, but da damn time be likesly long since past. Man! If dis wuz mah' mom, I'd try and dig whut ah' could back, plum as she gots done, and den ax' why she gave mah' sista' de bank info, o' at least why she waited 10 years t'say nuthin. I'd be careful usin' wo'ds likes cheat and steal knowin' only dis honky chick's version uh de sto'y. Slap mah fro! ditto :+4 (show comment) Remind Me To Neva' Do Business Wid Shaun! Right on! Repo't Commentby Isaac C. @ 11:03pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 You's sound likes plum as big some crook as AOL. Stealin' be wrong no matta' how ya' rashunalize it. Man! AOL kin sho' manly see if some sucka gots neva' used da damn service fo' such some long puh'iod. Recon' me dey know whut dey is hangin' and dey know dey is gettin' paid and givin' nodin' in return. 'S coo', bro. Remind me neva' to do business wid ya' Shaun. 'S coo', bro. troll :-4 (show comment) Already covered. Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 11:27pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 I dink dis wuz already covered in some previous post, but maybe ya' gots some insight dat ah' ain't aware of. Do ya' know if dere be some area uh de AOL agreement dat states if an AOL account be not used, some po'shun uh de charges may be refunded? I's gots'ta be truly not one who recon's in tellin' sucka's, plum a'cuz ah' may not agree wid deir posishun on some particular subject, dat ah' feel dey is dishonest. Man! No' would ah' eva' tell ya' such some din'. I do recon' dat dis customa' has some responsibility t'oversee ha' own account and da damn charges dat snatch place wid it. Man! To gots allowed it t'continue fo' so's long infers some certain amount uh acceptance and responsibility. Slap mah fro! I t'feel so'ry fo' ha' if she dun did not intend t'have da damn account, but dat duz not alleviate ha' own responsibility. Slap mah fro! ah' do recon' AOL wuz 'sepshunal in refundin' as much as dey dun did. Dey wuz clearly tryin' t'make sho' man she wuz not bein' snatchn advantage uh and wuz tryin' t'be real fair t'her. Ah be baaad... split vote :0 (show comment) As long as youse editin' oders' posts . . . Repo't Commentby JustDinkin'OutLoud @ 12:12am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 You's may wanna notice dat da damn wo'd "to" real should be "too" in de last paragraph dere. Just some little sump'n t'dink about. Man! Dere's actually some great wo'd fo' dat real doodad: co'rectin' de erro's uh oders while makin' an erro' yo'self. ah' plum wish ah' could rememba' whut it is! Right on! ditto :*** (show comment) Befo'e trollin' dat comment . . . Repo't Commentby JustDinkin'OutLoud @ 9:13am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Find da damn posts titled "Cady, Cady, Cady," and "Dis Post" furda' waaay down de bo'd, and ya''ll know why ah' said whut ah' dun did. Shaun be co'rectin' grammar and typos along wid not admittin' he/she wo'ks fo' AOL! Right on! insightful :+6 (show comment) de oda' side Repo't Commentby Jani S. @ 11:19pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 as some business owna' who duz online transacshuns, ah' know fo' some fact dat da damn burden uh proof wid any internet transacshun lies wid de company, not da damn consumer. Ah be baaad... ah' have had customers purchase mah' internet service product (which clearly states de terms uh service and kincelashun policy on de steal page) use it fo' monds (I kin track usage) den go t'deir financial institushun and claim ah' am chargin' dem fo' some service dey duzn't use, and da damn financial institushun gots'ta charge back mah' account widout any furda' proof - and ah' can dispute da damn chargeback but if ah' duzn't gots some signed receipt, which dere ain't cuz' it be an internet transacshun, den de chargeback be mos' neva' reversed - so's basically, dose customers bilked me out uh monds uh service and ah' can't prove any differently, even if ah' provide da damn usage charts. However, if some customa' can prove dat dey accidently set down two accounts on de same day (which kin happen if dey click de steal button twice befo'e da damn page refreshed) ah' always refund da damn second charge - dat be plum baaaad customa' service. Wid dis situashun, ah' feel baaaad fo' de old honky chick - obviously she be not clunker/internet savvy at all, and ha' daughta' took advantage uh ha' access t'mom's account. Man! Dis lady be 74 years old - how old be ha' daughter? ah' dink de daughta' should pay ha' mom back some, but ah' do dink AOL should gots refunded da damn cost uh de second account - dat wuz obviously an erro'. If dis be a problem in some lot uh states dough, likes de article states, AOL betta' do some serious customa' service overhaul o' dey is goin' t'be payin' out some lot mo'e in litgashun dan $500 t'an old honky chick. ditto :+4 (show comment) de oda' side part deux Repo't Commentby crosstalk @ 12:21am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Actually dis happened wid me wid AOL years ago. 'S coo', bro. ah' wuz one uh dose who apparantly gots "slammed" i.e. signed down widout mah' puh'mission by some overzealous employee/telemarketa' who called me on de rap rod (and ah' already had internet service wid some sucka else). It's one doodad where it happens wid one o' two sucka's. But hundreds? ah' say burn AOL at da damn ssnatch. Dey should know waay betta' by now, so cut me some slack, Jack. Make dem return *all* uh de bre'd. Esp. Jes hang loose, brud. upside de fact dat she wuz billed fo' *two* accounts. disagree :-2 (show comment) Slammed? Repo't Commentby Vick T. @ 6:31am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 If some sucka called ya' (which dey dont) and set down an account widout yo' knowledge den dat means ya' gots'ta have given dem yo' credit/debit card widout yo' knowledge too. 'S coo', bro. You's CANT set down an account widout enterin' some payment medod so's it be kind'a hard fo' some telemarketa' to guess whut yo' card numba' is and set down an acct. Man!....snatch some responsibility fo' yo' finances! Right on! ditto :+3 (show comment) Lets see... Repo't Commentby Wil H. @ 7:34am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I gots had AOL and it be hard t'set down 2 accounts at once. ah' have t'go drough de same procedure t'set down de second account as ah' dun did de fust account. Man! Dis be not da damn fust time AOL gots been accused uh settin' down duplicate accounts on some sucka. AOL be famous fo' steallin' bre'd fum deir subscribers. ah' should not need t'point out dat AOL ALREADY gots yo' account numbers as ya' plum electronicly gave dem t'AOL. It be not hard fo' dem t'set ya' down some second account. Man! Dey kin even do it by havin' de clunker set it down fo' ya'. ah' can see ya' is an AOL kick d' cud hard. Maybe it be time t'leave AOL fo' some real ISP dat be honest and fair. Ah be baaad... Besides ya' duzn't need software wid many uh de oda' ISP's dat is around and ah' get betta' service dan AOL be even capabile of. De best move ah' eva' made wuz t'get away fum ISP's likes AOL. ditto :+7 (show comment) Oh mah' gosher Repo't Commentby Cady C. @ 11:37pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Shaun shaun shaun. 'S coo', bro.....she dun did not jimmey de account. Man! And curiously aol said 2 jimmey'd on de same day, ah' know dat be one uh deir ways uh stealin' fum de customer. Ah be baaad... Ha' daugda' dun did it, and granted dere should gots been mo'e communicashun, but obviously AOL took advantage uh de situashun. Wait till yo' old and livin' on $900.00 some mond and havin' $60.00 snatchn away fo' sump'n dat ya' probably duzn't even know whut it is. She neva' even owned some clunker. Kudos? She neva' had da damn service at ha' crib. Duh. Lop some boogie.... troll :-7 (show comment) Cady, Cady, Cady. Slap mah fro!.. Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 11:51pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Cady, Cady, Cady. Slap mah fro!.. (notice each uh de wo'ds should be capitalized and some comma followin' each ;-) She may o' may not gots jimmey'd de account. Man! De sto'y neva' covers de info'mashun on how ha' daughta' may gots gots ha' account info'mashun. I'm not sho' man any sucka could rememba' if it had been some decade ago. 'S coo', bro. Remember, AOL be not some small mom and pop sto'e waaay down de street. Man! Dey is a larga' service provida' and, I'm sho' man, had not one individual hired t'plum snatch care uh dis particular situashun. Dere be nodin' against signin' down fo' two accounts. Many families gots mo'e dan plum one internet account. Man! Next, I'm not aware uh anywhere in de sto'y it rapped uh how much income dis lady had comin' in o' even how much some mond she wuz bein' debited fo' each account. Man! I's gots'ta be also not aware uh anywhere in any agreement dat requires one much own some clunker in o'da' to subscribe t'an account. Man! It be possible t'use da damn account on oda' systems o' gots it (o' dem) fo' some variety uh oda' reasons. So's as oders gots also stated, de company had absolutely no reason t'refund any po'shun uh de charges, let alone $500. So, yeah dude, KUDOS t'dem. WORD! Dey refunded some fine large sum uh bre'd when dey could gots refused t'do nodin'. split vote :0 (show comment) Just FYI Repo't Commentby wilco64256 @ 8:52am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 It should eyeball, "refused t'do nuthin." And ah' duzn't steal de line dat some 64-year-old honky chick would be payin' fo' two dial-up internet connecshuns in ha' crib at da damn same time. ah' duzn't even knode any fool dat pays fo' two separate internet accounts in de same crib, it's far cheapuh' t'plum set down some small netwo'k in yo' crib. De reason she gots $500 refunded? De news gots ha' higha' up de co'po'ate complaint chain. 'S coo', bro. De higha' ya' dig, de mo'e bre'd dat sucka' be audo'ized t'refund. And AOL gots a track reco'd here, dey've been in serious trouble in de past regardin' deir kincellashun policies (o' lack dereof) and settin' down duplicate accounts. Sho' man, she should gots kep' track uh ha' bank account better, but dat duzn't make whut AOL dun did acceptable. At da damn VERY least she should be refunded half uh de total charges fo' de second bogus account dat wuz setup. Jes hang loose, brud. And yeah dude, AOL be able t'track usage so's it'd be real simple fo' dem t'look and see dat she duzn't even use da damn service. troll :-1 (show comment) Arbitrarily. Slap mah fro!.. Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 10:03am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 So's ya''ve arbitrarily mosey on down up wid de refund one half de amount. Man! Look, dis customa' signed down fo' two accounts approximately ten years ago. 'S coo', bro. It be not down t'any sucka but herself t'know why she signed down fo' two separate accounts. And, frankly, if ha' daughta' had been de one signin' down, I'd be surprised if she would rememba' de 'esact details uh de transacshun so's long ago. 'S coo', bro. She had two accounts and allowed da damn charges t'continue drough de last decade. Dis absolutely infers an acceptance t'de terms uh de contract. Man! And, as stated befo'e, ah' ain't aware dat if some consuma' duz not use o' actively use deir account(s) dey is entitled t'any fo'm uh refund. In dis case, AOL went way beyond whut wuz required by issuin' such some large refund. troll :-1 (show comment) Dat wuzn't da damn only erro' Repo't Commentby JustDinkin'OutLoud @ 10:17am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Dere's also, "requires one much own some clunker . . . ." Whut duz dat mean, Shaun? Funny how quickly youse pointin' out da damn erro's in oders' posts, but is makin' dem in yo' own. 'S coo', bro. Karma, mah' dear. Ah be baaad... troll :-1 (show comment) Shaun Repo't Commentby gemstone @ 11:15am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 If some sucka' duzn't own some clunker, why would dey wants' an internet service? Why do ya' keep defendin' some company dat be knode fo' scammin' sucka's? disagree :-2 (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby Vick T. @ 6:35am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 You's "know" dat dis be one uh deir ways uh stealin' bre'd?? You's is kiddin' right? How would ya' know dis, dun did ya' wo'k fo' dem and do dis? To set ANY AOL account ya' gots'ta agree t'de terms uh service and enta' yo' payment medod, so's any sucka wid 2 accts dun did dis twice. ah' dont see how AOL gots nuthin t'do wid dat. Man! ditto :+3 (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby Draconis @ 6:15am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Mah' mama at one point had an AOL account she called not once but 3 times t'have dem kincel de account. Man! Each time dey promised dat dey would do so. 'S coo', bro. Afta' de 3rd call AOL continued t'bill ha' account fo' 6 monds and everytime time dey charged ha' she'd call dem again and 'esplain ha' account wuz kinceled. De agent on de rap rod would note dat da damn account had been setup fo' terminashun and she wuz promised some refund howeva' it neva' happened and she would be billed again. 'S coo', bro. Finally it took some phone call fum me yellin' at da damn agent and dreatenin' some lawsuit t'get dis t'stop. Jes hang loose, brud.... And ya' feel we kin suppo't such some company? Give me some bust ditto :+2 (show comment) Draconis....... Repo't Commentby Flossee @ 8:01am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 .....we 'espuh'ienced EXACTLY de same doodad as ya'. We would call every raple mond and (afta' bein' on hold fo' down t'2 hours)would be told dey would kincel it, only t'be charged da damn next mond. It took about 6 monds and dreats uh legal acshun befo'e our account wuz kincelled. Of course we gots no refund cuz' "dey had no reco'd uh us callin' dem" AOL be nodin' but some rip-off. Just check de online bo'ds. De numbers rap fo' demselves. HUNDREDS uh angry sucka's all 'espuh'iencin' de same rotten treatment. Man! troll :-1 (show comment) Flaggin' yo' account. Man! Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 10:06am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Whut happened when ya' contacted yo' financial institushun? Dey could gots placed some flag on yo' account and not suppo'ted any furda' charges by de party in quesshun. ditto :*** (show comment) Bank told me... Repo't Commentby Flossee @ 11:24am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 ...dey could not stop online debits. I could contest dem, but not stop dem. WORD! But as each mond some sickly sweet AOL rep PROMISED us de account wuz kincelled, we dun didn't contest it. Man! ah' guess ah' wrongly assumed dat AOL wuz an honest company. Slap mah fro! ditto :*** (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby Draconis @ 11:28am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Dis be whut ha' bank told ha' as well.... ditto :+6 (show comment) Do Not Use AOL! Preach it loud, bruddah!! Right on! Repo't Commentby CLazalde @ 10:34pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 De same doodad happened t'me, even afta' I kinceled da damn AOL Free trial acount. Man! Mah' husband and ah' have called dem many times, and dey even gave us confirmashun numbers Many times. We still lost mos' five hundred dollars. Dey wouldn't cut us bre'd back. Ya' know? We wuzn't happy about it, but at least dey stop chargin' us. troll :-1 (show comment) Financial Institushun. Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 10:46pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Whut happened when ya' contacted yo' financial institushun? Dey could gots placed some flag on yo' account and not suppo'ted any furda' charges by de party in quesshun. ditto :*** (show comment) Banks... Repo't Commentby Wil H. @ 7:46am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Banks gots'ta not do nuthin t'stop an electronic transfer. Ah be baaad... It gots'ta mosey on down from de sucka' ya' is makin' de transfa' to. 'S coo', bro. If dey do not kincel de service den de bank refuses t'cancel it. Man! De bank sides wid de business. appearently ya' duzn't dig it dat dis be not an isolated instance. Also ya' is eida' an AOL die-hard, wo'k fo' AOL o' ya' gots neva' tried t'cancel an AOL account. Man! Dey cut ya' confirmashun numbers, but da damn numba' rarely digs into yo' stash. De numba' is plum to make ya' feel warm and fuzzy. Slap mah fro! Dey keep takin' bre'd out uh yo' bank account o' Credit card account. Man! To point out oine oda' din', UTAH duz not gots any kind'a protecshun against companies likes AOL. Dey kin steal ya' blind and ya' gots no real recourses. UTAH gots'ta not do nuthin t'protect consummers fum any sucka dat kin snatch yo' bre'd and seel ya' sump'n shoddy, o' refuse t'cancel. troll :-2 (show comment) "Banks gots'ta not do nuthin"? Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 10:13am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 "Banks gots'ta not do nuthin"? It's all about baaaad reco'd keepin'. Ax'in' yo' financial institushun t'flag such transacshun be not some difficult proposishun. If yo' financial company wouldn't do so, as ya' imply, ah' would suggest findin' some different bank. Ya' know? It be in de financial institushun's best interest t'help ya' as deir client. Man! To begin wid, it keeps ya' as some customer. Ah be baaad... Secondly, it protects dem. WORD! All it snatch'd be baaaad reco'd keepin'. As some sucka stated above, all dey dun did wuz kincel online and deir wuz no problems at all. Keep some reco'd uh de transacshun and cut dose same reco'ds t'yo' financial institushun. Along wid de info'mashun, supply yo' credit union o' bank wid official notificashun uh disputin' any furda' transacshuns fum de company in quesshun. Wid documented reco'ds, de financial institushun be plum as much responsible fo' any transacshuns. Do ya' real dink dey wouldn't wanna flag such debits? ditto :*** (show comment) oda' wo' not hold AOL responsible?... Repo't Commentby Flossee @ 11:28am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 ....why should da damn consuma' have t'jump drough mega hoops instead uh de company be honest? ditto :*** (show comment) Use some credit card! Preach it loud, bruddah!! Right on! Repo't Commentby Darvell H. @ 11:19am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Duzn't EVER cut companies likes dis ANY info'mashun about yo' checkin' account. Man! Always use some credit card NOT tied directly t'yo' bank account. Man! It's much easia' to repo't fraud charges fo' credit cards. ditto :*** (show comment) Oh, and also. 'S coo', bro... Repo't Commentby Darvell H. @ 11:21am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Credit cards 'espire. Dis couldn't gots happened fo' 10 years if some card had been used and it 'espired. AOL o' any fool else kin't continue t'charge some card once it's 'espired. disagree :-1 (show comment) Stoppin' de charges Repo't Commentby godefroi @ 10:58pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Duzn't call AOL, call de bank! Right on! AOL gots no reason t'hurry down and kincel yo' account. Man! If ya' call de bank and tell dem some sucka be debitin' yo' account widout yo' puh'mission, recon' me, dey'll fix dat, and fast. Man! funny :+2 (show comment) Besides... Repo't Commentby godefroi @ 11:06pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Whut's de wo'st dat could happen? AOL kincels yo' account on ya' cuz' dey kin't successfully charge ya' fo' it? Bummer. Ah be baaad... troll :-1 (show comment) We gots recently had troubles Repo't Commentby Warren T. @ 8:40am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 In kincelin' de monito'in' service fo' our security alarm on our crib, afta' bein' in some 3 year contract dey is givin' us de run around in kincelin'. Since ah' could not dig anywhere wid any fool on kincelashun on mah' account, ah' put some stop payment on de electronic debit uh dat company and da damn amount. Man! Den in de mail ah' received some letta' sayin' dey wuz raisin' deir rates, so's I called da damn bank again and put in some stop payment fo' de new amount. Man! De bank told me if de company draws fum de account usin' some different dojigger o' changes de amount dey is drawin' even by some penny it gots'ta still go drough. Lop some boogie. It dun did not go drough last week; so's far so's baaaad, but hopefully dey duzn't try t'get deir bre'd by changin' de amount, ah' am sho' man companies likes dis know all uh de tricks. It be too baaaad companies treat deir customers likes AOL duz and companies likes ah' am dealin' wid right now, how do dey 'espect sucka's t'refa' dem, when dey leave all uh deir customers downset. Man! Dat be not da damn way t'make and keep customers. (show comment) Why dun did Warren dig trolled? Repo't Commentby Flossee @ 11:30am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 He wuz simply 'espressin' his opinion and lettin' us know his 'espuh'ience.......oh, wait some minute..... dat ya' Shaun! Right on! AOL's numba' one man! Right on! ditto :+5 (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby Charlotte @ 10:35pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Do not side wid AOL. Dis happened wid me too several years ago. 'S coo', bro. ah' cancelled. Dey kep' billin' me drough mah' credit card. Everytime ah' called t'cancel AGAIN, ah' eida' could not dig drough o' ah' kep' bein' baaaadgered by de opuh'to' t'accept his offa' of mo'e 'free' stuff. ah' had t'yell at him t'stop and listen t'me dat ah' wuz kincellin' mah' account fo' de umpteend time and ah' would dig mah' lawya' involved if charges wuz not stopped. Finally dey stopped. I wuz so's angry cuz' it be deir job t'keep ya' as some customa' and when ya' say no, dey keep tryin' t'keep ya' by givin' ya' offers. Took me 5 times uh cancellin' t'finally dig rid uh dem. WORD! Dey kep' sayin' ah' neva' called t'cancel and I, uh course, had no proof. Bein' an 800 numba' ya' kinnot prove ya' called it o' why ya' called. Stay clear uh AOL. Or at da damn very least neva' try t'cancel cuz' chances is you kinnot do it in one try. Slap mah fro! disagree :-3 (show comment) Simple Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 10:45pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 It be a simple matta' of keepin' proof uh cancellashun. I'm sho' man ya' could kincel in writin' and keep proof uh mailin'. Notifyin' yo' bank uh de kincellashun, dey kin flag any charges dat is debited t'de account fum de party in quesshun. Dey kin also be notified by yo' bank dat furda' charges by deir company gots'ta not be puh'mitted on de account and da damn subscripshun should be considered kinceled. ditto :*** (show comment) Exactly Repo't Commentby godefroi @ 10:52pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Keep proof uh cancellashun, and start disputin' de charges on yo' credit card. De bank gots'ta require ya' t'prove, in writin', dat ya' kinceled da damn account (which ya' kin do easily, cuz' ya' kep' de proof uh cancellashun, right?). You's'd be surprised how fast da damn account gots'ta be closed once da damn charges start bein' reversed. Why should ah' feel so'ry fo' dis lady dat let some random company debit bre'd out uh ha' account fo' YEARS widout boderin' t'check whut it wuz? If she's not competent enough t'handle some bank account, but opens one anyway (and den gives out da damn info t'ha' offsprin' t'hand upside to dird parties! Preach it loud, bruddah!), she deserves whut she digs... ditto :+2 (show comment) Ack Pft t'AOL Repo't Commentby Lisa N. @ 11:09pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 As some sucka' who plum recently spent upside 8 hours (not in one sittin') and dree monds arguin' wid AOL and tryin' t'cancel mah' account. Man!. ah' empadize greatly wid dis honky chick. ah' dink de sucka' who should gots been held somewhut accountable (if any sucka but AOL) would be da damn daughta' fo' settin' down an account in ha' moder's dojigger (who duzn't gots some clunker... ) and givin' down ha' moder's bankin' info. 'S coo', bro. I's gots'ta be hopin' mah' situashun be resolved.. but we gots'ta see next mond. As fo' de bank, dat wuz de way ah' finally gots de payments t'stop comin' out. Man!.. but it dun didn't dig de dree monds back dat ah' spent wo'kin' on digtin' de blasted account kincelled. Shaun. 'S coo', bro... ah' dink youse plum an instigato' and plum tryin' t'strum down some little conflict. Man! troll :-4 (show comment) Not at all Lisa. WORD! Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 11:17pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Not at all Lisa. WORD! I hope yo' problem be solved to. 'S coo', bro. But as I've stated in oda' posts, why wouldn't ya' cut notice uh cancellashun in writin' and provide such info'mashun t'de bank immediately. Slap mah fro! De bank could easily flag such deducshuns and deny such transacshuns. In addishun, wid proof uh cancellashun, dere would be no legal way uh keepin' any amount transacted. In de case uh de daughter, we kinnot be sho' man as t'whut agreement o' transacshuns occurred between ha' and ha' moder. Ah be baaad... Whut we do know be dat da damn moda' let da damn transacshuns continue fo' several years. How be dis de fault uh any sucka oda' dan de sucka' controllin' de account? De sucka's who gots accounts need t'snatch responsibility fo' deir own acshuns. Dis be one such case and yo's may be anoder. Ah be baaad... Again, ah' hope da damn best fo' ya' and dat yo' problem gots been resolved. ditto :+2 (show comment) Cancel in writin' Repo't Commentby Scybo @ 11:32pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 I agree wid most uh yo' posts. Sucka's need t'snatch responsibility fo' deir own finances. Dis lady took 10 years t'figure out whut 2 $26.95 some mond charges wuz. You's would dink she would gots figured it out some little soona' if she actually wuz payin' any kind'a attenshun t'ha' finances. De one doodad ya' say in all yo' posts be to kincel in writin'. Dis be de one way dat AOL makes it 'estremely difficult t'do. 'S coo', bro. Dey hide da damn address t'drow kincellashuns to. 'S coo', bro. You's basically gots'ta call dem t'get it. Man! Dey make it difficult t'cancel yo' account all togeder. Ah be baaad... Dat be whut dey need t'change. If ya' call and kincel and da damn charges continue den go t'yo' bank and dispute da damn charges and tell dem not t'let any mo'e charges fum AOL go drough cuz' dey is not audo'ized. Dis be whut ah' had t'do. 'S coo', bro. But ah' dun didn't wait 10 years t'do it. Man! De longa' ya' wait da damn harda' it be to dig yo' bre'd back. Ya' know? Aldough AOL gots deceivin' practices dey dun did not gots'ta cut a $500 refund. Dey dun didn't gots'ta cut any refund at all. Regardless uh usage. When de account wuz set down an agreement wuz made. AOL provided some service (it duzn't matta' if it wuz used o' not as long as it wuz provided likes agreed downon) and in return dey charged fo' dat service dey provided. Dat be whut wuz agreed downon. 'S coo', bro. No where in de agreement dun did it say dat da damn bre'd would be refunded if de service wuz not used. So's dey dun didn't gots'ta refund dis lady any bre'd at all. funny :*** (show comment) $40+ in fees? Repo't Commentby Darvell H. @ 11:28am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 De news repo't said dat she dought da damn charges wuz bank fees. Geesh, if mah' bank wuz chargin' me mo'e dan $40 puh' mond in fees, I'd dig some new bank. Ya' know? ah' mean, mosey on down on! Preach it loud, bruddah!! Preach it loud, bruddah! (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby Charlotte @ 11:34am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 No Shaun, it said on de 'contract' dat ya' had t'call dem in sucka' t'cancel. When dis happened t'me dere wuz no online kincelin' o' written kincellashun. It wuz t'be some phone call. Even when ah' told dem ah' had several kincellashun numbers, dey told me dey had no reco'd uh my calls o' dose numbers. You's rap uh whch ya' do not know, so cut me some slack, Jack.... You's apparently gots neva' tried t'cancel wid AOL. BTW if ya' dispute charges in dat manna' wid yo' bank, dey freeze yo' entire cc. Co' got d' beat! Dey do not wanna snatch de time t'so't drough disagreements, so's dey freeze da damn whole doodad. ditto :*** (show comment) Reco'd da damn call! Right on! Repo't Commentby Darvell H. @ 11:24am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 You's hear dose messages dat calls is bein' reco'ded fo' quality assurance, right? Tell dem dat da damn call be bein' reco'ded down front and den use dat evidence. ah' dink ya' kin reco'd calls in plum about any state, as long as dey oda' party knows (some states ya' kin reco'd wid de knowledge uh de da damn oda' party, some ya' kin't). ditto :+2 (show comment) AOL Repo't Commentby 4Walla' @ 10:55pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 is fum Satan. 'S coo', bro. troll :-7 (show comment) Dis post. Man!.. Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 11:11pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Dis post duz not show de slightest bit uh intelligence. It would gots been supa fine fo' some post t'at least ******* some complete sentence. funny :+4 (show comment) it snatch'd on t'know one.... Repo't Commentby Cady C. @ 11:52pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 I wonda' whut ya' is likes in real conversashun. Do ya' criticize oders speech patterns? Do ya' say "oh, ya' gots'ta be dumb cuz' ya' used fragments?". Writin' and makin' comments gots nodin' t'do wid intelligence, obviously. Slap mah fro! Oh yeah, dun did ah' spell sump'n wrong? AOL took advantage uh a situashun, and should gots done sump'n sooner. Ah be baaad... De second account wuz wrong, outright. Man! Sucka's is stubbo'n, and yeah dude, sometimes dey need help, but won't snatch it. Man! I gots some very sick broda' who gots mos' lost his rights t'snatch care uh himself and his finances. He fights it till he won't be able t'fight no mo'. Perfect target if ya' ax' me. Some companies is purely in it fo' de bre'd and not da damn service. Gosh dang it all t'heck, ah' anin't knowed whut else ta say t'make ya all git it. Man! troll :-3 (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 12:15am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Mah' empady fo' ya' and yo' broder. Ah be baaad... ah' truly hope da damn best fo' him. WORD! And yeah dude, unless some company be non-profit, dey is in it fo' de bre'd. And yeah dude, ah' do stand by de statement about some ridiculous one-line statement as de one above. Again, ah' real do hope da damn best fo' yo' broder. Ah be baaad... funny :+2 (show comment) Coo' here's some complete sentence, dig dis: Repo't Commentby 4Walla' @ 8:22am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Bite me. split vote :0 (show comment) Shaun Repo't Commentby JustDinkin'OutLoud @ 9:15am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 If ya' look at da damn subject line along wid de partial sentence, it IS some complete sentence. Sappnin'! Right on! split vote :0 (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby Aloha75 @ 11:00pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 She should gots looked at ha' bank statements closa' and whut about ha' daughter? Ain't she t'blame also? She be de one who jimmey'd de account and let it go. 'S coo', bro. De daughta' should pay back de moder. Ah be baaad... troll :-4 (show comment) Daughter. Ah be baaad... Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 11:32pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 She should gots absolutely watch upside ha' statements mo'e carefully. Slap mah fro! De statements clearly state da damn party which deducts de amount. Man! I would respectfully disagree dat dis be in any way de daughter's responsibility o' fault. Man! Even if it wuz ha' daughta' dat o'iginally created da damn account(s), it wuz most definitely de owna' of de account which should gots watched upside such transacshuns. ditto :+2 (show comment) Sad. Repo't Commentby WyldTaurus @ 11:28pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Dis, and some THOUSAND oda' reasons, be why ah' have such some great disdain fo' A**holes On Line. We, also, bought some new clunker some years ago wid de AOL free trial already loaded on it, but afta' THREE SOLID WEEKS uh callin' de idiots at da damn AOL customa' centa' and 'esplainin' dat no matta' whut dey told us t'do, NOTHING wuz connectin' us t'AOL, ah' wuz becomin' homicidal, so's wuz mah' mama. We BOTH had t'tell dem NUMEROUS times t'drop us fum EVERYTHING dat had ANYTHING t'do wid AOL. I'm glad dey dun didn't charge us fo' nuthin, even do' dat seem t'be deir business creedo. 'S coo', bro. Wuz ah' happy dey left Utah? ah' felt baaaad fo' all de folks dat wuz out uh a job back den, but I'm glad dey're GONE. Never, never, NEVER deal wid AOL. troll :-7 (show comment) Wid all due respect, Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 11:38pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Wid all due respect, duzn't ya' dink such remarks may hold some little mo'e credence widout da damn vulgarity? In dis case, dere could be many reasons as t'not bein' able t'connect. Man! It kin be da damn result uh de lines, server, dird-party software o' simple usa' erro'. Aldough many sucka's prefa' to point da damn fin'a' at da damn easiest target. Man! In dis particular case, dough, it duzn't sound likes ya' wuz eva' charged so's I'm not sho' man why yo' disdain. 'S coo', bro. ditto :+3 (show comment) Respect? Repo't Commentby Cady C. @ 12:10am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 He said "credence" and "vulgarity". De dude had t'deal wid AOL when he should not gots been. 'S coo', bro. Time be bre'd t'alot uh us, our time be precious and we should not gots'ta use it on de rap rod wid some service makin' sho' man dey duzn't charge us fo' sump'n we neva' ax'ed fo' in de fust place. Whut duz credence mean anyway? troll :-4 (show comment) Cady, Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 12:22am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 It sounds, Cady, de posta' of dis comment wuz on de rap rod fo' dree weeks tryin' t'get some clunker t'connect t'AOL, not tryin' t'cancel an account. Man! As stated befo'e, dere is many reasons fo' havin' technical problems, many uh which is not on de server's side. As de posta' stated, he wuz neva' charged fo' de service. Credence da damn mental attitude dat sump'n be believable and should be accepted as true; "he gave credence t'de gossip" Usin' vulgarities widin some post be reflective uh a sucka'ality dat may not cut a great deal uh credence t'a complaint. Man! ditto :*** (show comment) Wid all due respect. Man!.. Repo't Commentby WyldTaurus @ 12:32am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I dink dat generalizashun uh AOL wuz bein' rada' fo'givin'. Dree SOLID weeks and AOL wuz de wo'st help in digtin' connected, EVER. I've had NO problems wid ANY uh de oda' ISP's we ended down havin' t'use. Started da damn software, BOOM! Right on! Online, no prob's. Mah' disdain? ah' dought ah' made dat VERY clear. Ah be baaad... But fo' ya', I'll wait at da damn next light fo' ya' t'catch down, so's no wo'ries. Customa' service-sucks. Billin' practices-criminal. Hassle-incredible. Software- mo'e bugs dan an ant-hill. Technical suppo't-nonexistant. Man! Frustrashun-incomparable. AOL could stand fo' many mo'e "colo'ful" 'espressions dan de one ah' put fo'd, but da damn censo' God be in full swin' right now, oderwise, I'd lay dem waaay down. As fo' "credence" all ya' gots'ta do be actually eyeball how many posts in dis fo'um is praisin' AOL fo' an accurate assessment uh "credence". I likes yo' style, baaaad try do'. troll :-4 (show comment) Interestin' puh'spective, however. Ah be baaad..... Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 12:54am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I respect da damn fact dat ya' seemed t'have some difficulty in usin' deir software. Aldough dis be gettin' off de topic uh de sto'y, some sucka's, I'm sho' man, do run into software problems. And it duzn't end wid plum AOL software. It kin be any numba' of software applicashuns. Consida' many sucka's do use and enjoy AOL real much. Lop some boogie. So's to say cuz' ya' happened t'have had some poo' 'espuh'ience, duz not mean dat deir software o' servers is to blame. ditto :+2 (show comment) AOL rep? Repo't Commentby WyldTaurus @ 2:09am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 You's real do wo'k fo' AOL duzn't ya'? Whut, PR department? Youse earnin' yo' paycheck tonight, dat's fo' sho' man. Apparently I'M NOT de only one whose had some baaaad 'espuh'ience w/ dese dudes. So, in sayin' dat, maybe I'M not da damn one t'blame here, eider. Ah be baaad... True, dere could gots been different reasons why ah' couldn't connect. Man! Also true, ah' spent THREE WEEKS wid AOL reps t'HELP me dig connected, and afta' goin' all de way around da damn block and back again, ah' wuz tired and angry beyond comprehension, well, yo's anyway. Slap mah fro! Also VERY true, No problems wid ANYONE else's software, internet, customa' service, technical suppo't, etc. Co' got d' beat! It wuzn't plum de software, it wuz de WHOLE 'espuh'ience dat ah' had issues wid. And t'sit dere on de rap rod and listen t'"gee, dat should've wo'ked" in twelve different (and real condescendin') accents, fo' dree weeks straight real wears on de nerves. Stop wid de condescendin' remarks about how maybe it wuz mah' problem, youse real soundin' likes ya' real do wo'k fo' AOL. If dat be indeed dat case, we's DONE here. troll :-1 (show comment) Wid all respect, Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 10:26am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Wid all respect, dat be exactly whut I'm referrin' to. 'S coo', bro. One may gots some problem not at all related t'de party o' technical suppo't dey is contactin'. A'cuz uh a lack uh willin'ness t'accept da damn responsibility uh de difficulty o' dig it dat da damn problem could be wid any numba' of oda' areas, dey "fly off de handle", so's to rap, and point da damn fin'a' at da damn easiest target. Man! All uh which be based downon assumpshuns. Gots oda' sucka's run into problems wid AOL's software? Very likesly. Slap mah fro! Dey is one uh de wo'ld's largest internet providers, so's hangin' so's would be 'espected. But consida' fo' every sucka' who gots had some difficult time wid de service, dere is hundreds dat gots not. Man! An interestin' observashun t'say de least. Man! ditto :*** (show comment) Daughta' needs t'pony down! Right on! Repo't Commentby Bunksta' @ 11:42pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 Ha' daughta' needs t'step down and help ha' fight AOL. Afta' all, she wuz de one dat caused all dis mess. Dese services dat do de "free" trials need t'make dem "free"... i.e. not require some credit card fo' tryin' deir service. If ya' likes it and wanna continue, ya' should den be prompted t'make payment, oderwise yo' e-mail, screen dojigger, etc goes bye-bye, neva' to be heard fum again. 'S coo', bro. ah' would dink dat IP loggin' would at least partially snatch care uh dose who would abuse da damn free trials, but ah' can't be sho' man. She be elderly and dere is many elderly folks out dere dat kinnot real snatch baaaad care uh deir finances and such. Lop some boogie. AOL needs t'do de right doodad and show de public dat it be a respectable company, wo'dy uh spendin' bre'd on its services. Oderwise, dey is no betta' dan de dude who keeps e-mailin' me, tryin' t'get help digtin' his fo'tune out uh Nigeria, if only he had mah' account numba' to deposit it in. 'S coo', bro... troll :-5 (show comment) Pony down? Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 12:01am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Which ah' agree dat dey dun did. Dat be "pony down" as ya' state. Remember, dis lady allowed da damn charges t'continue fo' several years. Dis alone implies some fo'm uh acceptance. And as stated befo'e, I'm not sho' man it had nuthin t'do wid ha' daughter. Ah be baaad... Ten years be a long time. It would be likes ax'in' any service provida' to refund some decade uh charges plum a'cuz ah' wuzn't aware ah' had t'pay fo' dem o' found ah' dun did not need t'use dem. WORD! De insurance companies would love t'snatch dat concept on. 'S coo', bro. Look, if dis lady, elderly o' not, allowed da damn charges t'continue fo' so's many years, de debto' wuz not da damn one t'blame, in any way. Slap mah fro! Dey do deserve some pat on de back as dey at least made some baaaad faid effo't t'refund some po'shun uh de charges, whereas dey dun did not gots'ta refund any. Slap mah fro! ditto :*** (show comment) I'm wonderin' . . . Repo't Commentby JustDinkin'OutLoud @ 11:42pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 . . . why Shaun gots such an interest here t'respond t'mos' every post. Man! Seems some little fishy t'me. Whut, Shaun, do ya' gots'ta gain o' defend, oda' dan wo'kin' fo' AOL, likesly in de PR department? Dere's fault on bod sides here. De difference is, dough, dat AOL knows 'esactly whut dey're hangin' and dis olda' lady duzn't. Man! I'm sho' man she's learned now, but real, why would she gots TWO accounts when she duzn't own some clunker? Did ha' daughta' need TWO accounts fum AOL? Sump'n's not right. Man! And it's obvious dat she ain't de fust one in dis predicament. Man! Shame on AOL fo' dese types uh business practices. Shaun, duzn't boda' to respond. It's obvious where ya' stand. ditto :*** (show comment) And . . . Repo't Commentby JustDinkin'OutLoud @ 12:01am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 As uh dis time (midnight), dere is 42 posts, and 15 uh dem is from Shaun. 'S coo', bro. I'm on dese bo'ds plenty, and dis be not da damn dojigger uh some sucka who makes frequent posts. Yo' slip be showin'. troll :-4 (show comment) Interestin'... Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 12:10am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I's gots'ta be on de bo'ds plenty as well. ah' plum happen t'see some great deal uh fallacy in logic dat some sucka's use t'condemn some business cuz' of nodin' mo'e dan bein' pro-consumer. Ah be baaad... Dis may gots happened precisely as dis elderly lady said it dun did, but even in such some case, AOL gots still done nodin' wrong. What it is, Mama! It wuz ha' o' ha' daughta' which subscribed t'two account and it wuz ha' dat allowed such deducshuns t'continue droughout, ah' recon', de last decade. AOL went t'de 'estent uh partially refundin' some large amount, whereas dey dun did not gots'ta refund any. Slap mah fro! To agree on nuthin oda' dan dat is, again, sidin' wid some consuma' fo' nodin' mo'e dan bein' pro-consumer. Ah be baaad... As much as it may be terrible fo' an elderly lady t'be out several years uh charges, she be de one solely responsible fo' overseein' ha' own bank account. Man! If she wuz unable to, it would gots been supa fine if anoda' family memba' would gots aided ha' in hangin' so, but dis, again, shows absolutely no wrong-hangin' on de side uh de debto'. ditto :+3 (show comment) AOL duz rip sucka's off! Right on! Repo't Commentby Becky H. @ 7:13am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Mah' son wo'ked fo' dem and dey do dese doodads sucka's gots accused dem of. Dey is taught t'not disclose certain doodads t'sucka's such as de fact dat dey may be payin' on mo'e dan one account o' dat some sucka's is payin' 26.99 fo' deir service and some is at plum 9.99 fo' de same service. He dun did not wanna wo'k dere no mo' fo' de guilt he had fo' lyin' t'sucka's and left! Right on! AOL makes some fo'tune by rippin' sucka's off! Right on! troll :-1 (show comment) Possible... Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 10:32am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Is it at all possible dat yo' son left on negative terms wid dis company? Many individuals baaaad-moud companies which dey is fo'ced out uh o' terminated fum. I'm sho' man dat AOL offers different rates fo' different situashuns. I'd be surprised if dey dun didn't. Man! Just cuz' ya' purchase an item on sale dis week and yo' baaaad homey pays full price fo' it next week duz not make da damn policy unedical. Claimin' it duz be all mo'e reason t'recon' yo' son MAY gots left on oda' dan baaaad terms. funny :*** (show comment) Wow, so cut me some slack, Jack... Repo't Commentby Darvell H. @ 11:34am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Wow, ya' DO wo'k fo' AOL. Interestin'. insightful :+2 (show comment) Reco'd da damn calls Repo't Commentby Michelle_R. @ 11:47pm - Du Jul 17d, 2008 I agree wid Shaun dat dis honky chick shares de responsibility, as duz de daughter, and so's duz AOL. Dat aside dough, dis be de real reason ah' use Skype t'call businesses and ah' reco'd da damn phone conversashuns. If an insurance company eva' tries t'deny dey said dey'd cova' sump'n, o' if some service provida' eva' says ah' neva' cancelled, etc. Co' got d' beat! ah' have every call reco'ded and it shows de date and time and gots'ta play de whole conversashun t'prove whut wuz said. troll :-4 (show comment) Good point Michelle. Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 12:24am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Good point Michelle. funny :*** (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby WyldTaurus @ 12:36am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 You's dun didn't gots'ta repeat it. Man! funny :+2 (show comment) Shaun. 'S coo', bro... Repo't Commentby WyldTaurus @ 2:23am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Troll me all ya' wants', but since ya' seem t'be da damn self-declared language and grammar honky pigs on dis little bo'd, ya' need t'be able t'snatch it yo'self dere, sparky. Slap mah fro! ditto :+2 (show comment) You's should gots called . . . Repo't Commentby Bugler324 @ 12:06am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 You's should gots called "Get Gephart". Probably still kin. He gots much mo'e success dealin' wid dese types uh companies. split vote :0 (show comment) One uh de best doodads I've learned fum him Repo't Commentby FeS2 @ 6:17am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Use da damn state division uh consuma' protecshun. Francine Gianni's team be Excellent. Man! Dey gots helped me on 2 occasions on much smalla' matters. disagree :-3 (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby moe Massa' @ 12:39am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 she should gots gone t'de bank and put some stop t'it. Man! u kin call dem t'stop de temp membership. Jes hang loose, brud. stash some repo't t'de b. Co' got d' beat!b. Co' got d' beat!b. Co' got d' beat! and atto'ney generals office. troll :-5 (show comment) Sidin' wid de consumer. Ah be baaad... Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 1:00am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I appreciated eyeballin' yo' post, but ah' would again comment on dis post bein' based around sidin' wid de consuma' plum to side wid de consumer. Ah be baaad... To repo't it t'any state agency o' B.B.B. would seem rada' ludicrous at dis point. Man! Dat's not t'say dat, as I've already pointed out, ah' may feel fo' her. Ah be baaad... But she accepted da damn charges fo' several years -- as much as some decade if ah' dig it co'rectly. Slap mah fro! Furder, she gots already settled wid dem fo' de partial refund she gots accepted. ditto :*** (show comment) AOL gots always been dis way Repo't Commentby Cache Kid @ 12:48am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Startin' wid deir buggy, bloated infected software t'deir hopelessly imsucka'al and scripted customa' 'service', ah' can dink uh nodin' supa fine t'say about AOL. Mah' broda' wuz hooked fo' years, until de rest uh de family finally staged an intervenshun and gots him de help he needed. AOL makes Microsoft seem likes some great co'po'ate citizen. 'S coo', bro. As fo' defendin' deir practices, Shaun, dere be whut some company gots a right t'do, and den dere be de right doodad t'do. 'S coo', bro. AOL consistently chooses de fo'ma' ova' de latter. Ah be baaad... Dis company be a dinosaur. Ah be baaad... Let'swaste it, bury it, and den drill fo' oil. ditto :*** (show comment) CK Repo't Commentby WyldTaurus @ 2:17am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Hear, Hear! Preach it loud, bruddah! troll :-7 (show comment) As fo' findin' mo'e oil, I'm all fo' it ;-) Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 1:06am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 As ya' gots pointed out, dere is a lot uh sucka's dat enjoy usin' AOL. Dey duzn't seem t'have problems wid any so-called bugs. Consida' our society if any one uh us could choose t'"kill" any company we dun didn't likes. De concept be considered some free economy. Slap mah fro! I would also consida' revisin' yo' statement comparin' dat uh a real addict. Man! Bein' addicted t'nuthin and needin' intervenshun be nodin' t'use lightly. Slap mah fro! It be serious and shows some considerable lack uh appreciashun fo' dose who gots'ta endure dis process. As fo' findin' mo'e oil, I'm all fo' it ;-) ditto :*** (show comment) Co'recshuns fo' Shaun Repo't Commentby Cache Kid @ 9:44am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I neva' pointed out dat some lot uh sucka's enjoy usin' AOL. It's true, once downon some time, befo'e sucka's wuz clunker literate and internet savvy, dey had some lot uh subscribers. But now dat most sucka's know whut dey is hangin' online, AOL be dyin'. We is 'killin'' de dinosaur AOL by not suppo'tin' it. Man! Dat's how de free market wo'ks, Shaun. 'S coo', bro. Didn't ya' listen in high farm business class? As fo' de addicshun, whut do ya' call it when some sucka keeps stayin' wid de same rotten service and terrible software cuz' dey duzn't know any better? Youse right, puh'haps 'brainwuzhed' o' 'honkyfooled' would gots been mo'e appropriate. split vote :0 (show comment) mondly charges Repo't Commentby Margarita S. @ 1:24am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I use t'wo'k in Ogden fo' some certain internet company (**L)fo' upside 2 years and ah' have t'say ah' have seen alot uh dis. Ova' ten years ago dey would gots charged ha' $25.90 some mond fo' each account .Dey do gots smalla' fees but ya' gots'ta call t'request dem . ah' have seen dis situashun upside 100 times and its sad when ya' kin only offa' 2-3 monds back unless dey wanna stay wid dem (lol). dey do cheat sucka's and dey know it . One doodad ah' hated wuz dey would offa' Free internet t'use on top uh dia' high speed fum anoda' company so's dey still clicked dia' AOL icon likes befo'e but da damn connecshun wuz so's baaaad dey would dig kicked off uh course dese olda' sucka's needed tech help and would gots'ta go t'a payed plan wid dem cause dats de only way dey knowed t'use da damn internet. Man! ANOTHER ONE IS THE RISK FREE OFFER WHERE THEY SAY GET 3 MONTHS RISK FREE ...whut dey meant be we is still gonna charge ya' 25.90 but if ya' happen t'catch de charges and call if ya' is widin de 90 days we kin offa' ya' yo' bre'd back see risk free dig it ? yeah not so's much . Everydin' be real tight lipped ya' go by scripts which gots'ta be eyeball verbatim one slip o' missed wo'd ya' may be fired on de spot fo' some keep it real violashun all calls is listened t'and reco'ded I'M sho' man dis be so dey is not liable fo' any uh dis faulty stuff dey do . split vote :0 (show comment) closed accounts Repo't Commentby Margarita S. @ 1:30am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 In mah' wo'k wid some certain internet company ah' have also seen where some sucka closed an account but rejimmey'd at da damn same bank . De bank gots'ta cut AOL de new bank account numba' and dey bill drough de new one but it snatch'd some while so's dey gots'ta get some charge fo' 2-3 monds at one time BUT THEY DIDNT CALL TO CANCEL so's no refund kin be given cuz' of dat . Or somdin' called da damn visa downdata' lets AOL know dia' new card numba' den dey call t'ax' why dey is billin' on some card dey neva' gave dem. WORD! troll :-3 (show comment) seriously Repo't Commentby Fuh'rinasaul20 @ 5:20am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 i blame it all on high gas prices... ditto :*** (show comment) De daughter Repo't Commentby MightyMike @ 5:22am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 "Hale certainly dun didn't need an online account. Man! De 74-year-old says she's neva' even owned some clunker." It menshuns earlia' dat da damn daughta' set down de acct by respondin' t'a 30-day offer. Ah be at dat time da damn daughta' enters an acct numba' which happens t'be dis lady's bank acct. Man!..and she neva' owned some clunker...hmmmm? Bank charges??? Banks is noto'ious fo' chargin' stupid and ridiculous at some point YEARS ago ah' would gots been ax'in' [no swearin' please]??? Get Gephardt. Man!.. troll :-1 (show comment) AOL ? Repo't Commentby Butter1 @ 6:03am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Any sucka stupid enough t'still be usin' AOL deserves it. Man! De only way t'sucessfully kincel be to repo't yo' card stolen. 'S coo', bro. Dat be quick and easy! Preach it loud, bruddah! ditto :+2 (show comment) hang it down...? Repo't Commentby Yo' M. @ 6:05am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 one year? maybe... but 10 years? hale needs t'find some sucka t'manage ha' scribblin's... if its real gone on dis long, she gots nobody t'blame but herself at dis point. Man! ditto :*** (show comment) responsibility Repo't Commentby Cinephile @ 6:08am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 lies on bod sides - who duzn't check deir bank account fo' dat long, and when dey do, 'assumes'(we all know whut dat means)dat dey is plum bank charges? To let dat radical deducshun go on fo' longa' dan several monds be dig itable and realistic. Co' got d' beat!..but several years??? Den dere's de issue dat SHE wuzn't even de one who signed down fo' it - Now, if no one PHYSICALLY signed down fo' de service, (not once, but twice), den ah' 'd say dere be cause fo' some sucka drowin' some fit, but dat ain't de case...some sucka gots'ta go online and PHYSICALLY ENTER THE INFORMATION. Dat said, AOL should, as some measho' man uh baaaad faid dig it dere is cases likes dis where sucka's duzn't eyeball/dig it, real, de internet o' de fine print, and downon viewin' de usage (lack of), issue back at least 7 years wo'd. But as everyone knows, internet companies ain't knode fo' deir fine customa' service, which be probably why de business be in de abysmal shape it's in currently. Slap mah fro! Same doodad wid de rap rod company - internet companies gots'ta randomly place charges fo' services on sucka's's rap rod bills. We had dis happen and when we called about it t'have da damn charges removed, de customa' service honky chick said, most sucka's plum pay de charges no quesshuns ax'ed - dere is a LOT uh folks out dere who duzn't check deir bills fo' accuracy. Slap mah fro! ditto :+2 (show comment) Happened t'me Repo't Commentby Karebear2007 @ 6:13am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I kin feel dis lady's pain. 'S coo', bro. It gots happened t'me and mah' moder. Ah be baaad... We refuse t'get AOL. We treid deir 30-day "free"trial, and kinceled on day 28. Dey double charged us de next mond, so's my moda' called dem and told dem we kinceled da damn account. Man! Dey said dey would make some note, and refund da damn bre'd. De next mond dey double charged us again, so's I called told dem ah' wuz callin' an atto'ney afta' I rapped wid dem if dey dun did not refund da damn bre'd by de end uh business dat day. Slap mah fro! Much t'our amazement, dey refunded all de bre'd dey took. Ya' know? ah' guess it wuz easia' to refund 4 payments rada' dan some million dollar law suit. Man! split vote :0 (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby Magdelene @ 7:02am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Well, dis ah' know, so cut me some slack, Jack. ah' am kincellin' mah' AOL account today! Preach it loud, bruddah!! Preach it loud, bruddah! And ah' dink I'll be some little harsh de fust time cuz' if dey continue t'charge me, I'll be real cranky. Slap mah fro! ah' actually jimmey'd my AOL account back when most sucka's had dial-up only and plum kep' it when ah' gots DSL wid anoda' provider. Ah be baaad... Mah' e-mail account wuz bein' used in mah' business and it wuz plum easia' to keep it. Man! Dey charge me da damn minimum and ah' do watch mah' account and know dey only charge once puh' mond but dis sto'y gots convinced me ah' need t'cancel once fo' all. Not sho' man ah' wanna continue t'cut my bre'd t'a company wid less dan hono'able practices. I do not look fo'ward t'my call today t'some sucka in India who gots'ta not dig it most uh whut ah' say! Right on! ditto :+2 (show comment) Judgin' fum de multiple... Repo't Commentby xophrame @ 8:59am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 posts on NOT bein' able t'free yo'self fum AOL - Good Luck. Ya' know? It sounds likes youse in fo' some haidache fo' some few monds o' years. (show comment) Shaun gots'ta bust his heart when he hears ya' is cancellin'...... Repo't Commentby Flossee @ 11:56am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008, neva' mind. He wo'ks fo' AOL and knows dat kincellin' be not an opshun. split vote :0 (show comment) De problem in dis situashun is.... Repo't Commentby Dennis J. @ 7:05am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 not dat da damn lady left da damn accounts jimmey fo' 10 years. De problem be dat AOL makes it so's hard fo' some consuma' to opt out uh de service. Acco'din' t'de terms uh service, AOL should stop chargin' yo' account AS SOON AS dey is notified dat ya' wanna kincel. Fact be in many situashuns dey duzn't. ah' wonda' if de rap rod agent be penalized fo' some cancellashun since dey try so's hard t'talk ya' out uh it and sometimes plum plain old duzn't process de kincellashun. I've been in similar situashuns where ya' use da damn "convenient" kincellashun upside de phone. But dey duzn't process it. Man! You's uh course would not know it dun didn't dig processed until de next mond when de charge hits yo' card. Den dey say "I duzn't know whut happened--I assho' man ya' yo' account be set t'be kincelled". But den again de next mond ya' dig charged. Now ya' is mad and escalate beyond da damn phone agent. Man! Dey now challenge ya' t'prove wid date, time, and agent ya' rapped wid o'iginally t'cancel de account so's dey kin review deir rap rod reco'ds. Even if ya' kin provide dose details fum 2-3 monds ago, dey mosey on down back afta' anoda' week o' two and say dey could not find any reco'd uh dis happenin'. Best course uh acshun? NEVER do de free trial. Fo' nuthin. If ya' do kincel upside de phone, MAKE SURE ya' dig de date, time, and agent dojigger. Furder, ax' de agent t'drow ya' written confirmashun (email o' sump'n) uh de kincellashun. ditto :+2 (show comment) Good fo' ya'! Right on! Repo't Commentby JustDinkin'OutLoud @ 7:17am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Maybe ya' ought t'snatch an earlia' poster's advice and reco'd da damn call. Den dey kinnot deny dat ya' called t'cancel. Just some dought. Man! Smart move and GOOD LUCK! Right on! funny :+2 (show comment) So'ry, dis wuz in response t'Magdelene above Repo't Commentby LifeIsGood @ 7:36am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Sometimes when ya' click "reply", yo' response digs posted as sump'n totally separate. I'm dinkin' uh gettin' Gephardt t'help me deal wid KSL on dis! Right on! :-) ditto :*** (show comment) To all uh ya' liberals who is postin'. . . Repo't Commentby Tbone75 @ 7:18am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 How kin dis be? It's yo' little darlin' Time Warna' Inc. Co' got d' beat! (liberal hotbed) who be always declarin' dey is "takin' care uh de poo', de elderly, and da damn underprivileged"? Yeah man, dey own AOL. De previous posta' who said dat any sucka dumb enough t'still be usin' AOL deserves baaaad karma, be right. Man! But da damn real problem here be dat an olda' honky chick here wuz bailin' out ha' brat daughter's baaaad decisions (de daughta' is obviously and olda' adult), and as usual, be payin' de greata' price. It's amazin' how many sucka's in dis state is continually bailin' out deir olda' kids. (show comment) Hahahah! Right on! Repo't Commentby Roenick @ 9:12am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 It took longa' dan ah' dought but some sucka (Tbone75) finally managed t'brin' politics into dis dread. Whut took ya' so's long, Tbone? O'Reilly go late dis mo'nin'? (show comment) I neva' watch O'Reilly Repo't Commentby Tbone75 @ 9:28am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Recon' it o' not, ah' find him some bit wound too tight. Man! ah' plum simply kin't stand T Warna' and da damn residue uh Ted Turna' and Jane Fonda (even dough dey've been out fo' some while). Mah' main point wuz dat ha' daughta' gots bailed out on de deal. She's de one who should be payin'. split vote :0 (show comment) AOL Repo't Commentby Rem @ 7:29am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 1. Close da damn account and jimmey a new one. 2. AOL needs de cash flow since dey're on deir way out uh business fo' havin' such crappy service and crappy features. 3. Once dey gots bought out, it all went t'pot. Man! Problem is, if ya' simply close yo' account and duzn't pay, sometimes, credito's kin repo't ya' t'de credit bureaus and ruin yo' credit sco'es. But dey kin only do dis if ya' provided some SSN when ya' jimmey'd an account wid dem. WORD! On some different note, Countrywide's serva' would/duz often crash right when sucka's need t'make deir payments so's dat some $5 late fee be assessed so's $5 x millions uh online payments = cashflow, so cut me some slack, Jack... Dis baaaad economy gots'ta fo'ce some crappy companies t'start rippin' off sucka's if dey kin dig away wid it. Man! funny :*** (show comment) Name change Repo't Commentby Rem @ 7:31am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 AOL gots'ta soon be knode as, dig dis: S.O.L. ditto :*** (show comment) sump'n similar happened t'me. Repo't Commentby Mrtoes @ 7:55am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I had AOL fo' several years....probably close t'10 years. When de time came fo' me t'cancel mah' account, dey kep' billin' me. So, ah' closed mah' bank account. Man! AOL started callin' me. Dey wuz relentless. ah' ax'ed dem t'quit callin' me. ah' told dem ah' wuz not goin' t'pay dem. WORD! EVER. Dey kep' on callin'. So's I changed mah' rap rod number. Ah be baaad... I had t'change two impo'tant doodads t'get dem off mah' back. Ya' know? I'm sho' man if dey had mah' new number, dey would still be callin' me, dree years later. Ah be baaad... Duzn't sign down fo' AOL folks....dis lady's sto'y and mah' own 'espuh'ience should be evidence enough dat dis company be not interested in de customer. Ah be baaad... split vote :0 (show comment) Mrtoes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Same 'espuh'ience wid me......... Repo't Commentby tryto'elax @ 11:11am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Afta' I "supposedly" closed mah' account, AOL waited 2 monds befo'e dey started draftin' all upside again. 'S coo', bro. When ah' finally contacted dem AGAIN (I wuz in Iraq and ah' had t'wait until ah' came back t'de states), dey told me, "Gee we gave ya' some FREE mond". Whut some response. Dey NEVER gave an apology and ah' plum WROTE de 4 monds uh fees off. Dey is TERRIBLE. ditto :*** (show comment) AOL gots started t'charge me again too Repo't Commentby Amos M. @ 8:13am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 We kincelled AOL upside a year ago and dey started t'charge our credit card again fo' service. We neva' activated it no' do dey gots any info'mashun on plum who dun did. Dey wouldn't refund da damn bre'd so's we called da damn charge card company and dey reversed da damn payment but as far as ah' know AOL gots'ta still keep chargin' de account even dough we told dem t'stop. Jes hang loose, brud. I'm real at some loss here, we may gots'ta check into some class acshun law suit t'stop dem, dey're relentless! Right on! split vote :0 (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby Rem @ 8:31am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Ax' yo' credit card company t'issue ya' some new card, wid some new number. Ah be baaad... However, when AOL bills, dey kin drow ya' t'collecshuns/ruin yo' credit. Man! Fo' every bill dat dey drow ya', invoice dem fo' it by de same amount. Man! When ya' go t'court, ya' kin tell dem dat da damn invoice be a service charge fo' processin' inco'rect billin'. split vote :0 (show comment) Dis be de honky chicks fault. Man!.. Repo't Commentby Jason C. @ 8:30am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Not AOL. Dey jimmey'd de account wid AOL and agreed t'have da damn bre'd snatchn out uh ha' account. Man! Dis be a lesson t'sucka's t'know whut be comin' out uh deir account and whut it be fo'. She says it wuz ha' daughta' dat jimmey'd de account. Man! ah' say its de moms account and she be de overall responsible one fo' knowin' where ha' bre'd be goin'. Dis honky chick should only dig back bre'd fum de fust call she made tryin' t'cancel de account. Man! De fust ten years she should gots'ta pay. Slap mah fro! ditto :+2 (show comment) LOL Repo't Commentby Justin H. @ 8:49am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 How be dis some top news sto'y? Sucka's need t'start payin' attenshun t'deir finances. End uh sto'y. Slap mah fro! split vote :0 (show comment) WOW Repo't Commentby SolarMan @ 9:14am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I wo'ked fo' AOL fo' 5 years and ah' wuz in de SAVES dept. Man!De job wuz t'keep sucka's fum kincelin' deir service. It wuz some job dat paid well. If ya' wuz not honest in yo' dealin's ya' gots fired. No one fo'ced dis lady t'put da damn disk in ha' Clunker ha' daughta' dun did dat fo' her. Ah be baaad... Why dun did she neva' check ha' bill? Dat be ha' fault and ha' fault alone. AOL HAD millions uh customers befo'e broadband. So'ry dat dey dun didn't call everyone uh dem and ax' "do ya' still wants' yo' AOL account". Its too baaaad dis went on fo' so's long but mosey on down on check yo' bill lady. Slap mah fro! Right now dey is givin' AOL away fo' free wid any broadband connecshun. ah' still use it everyday. Slap mah fro! Yeah dude I know how t'use google, but ah' still find AOL news and features t'be cleana' den oda' sites out dere. AOL put some lot uh sucka's t'wo'k when dey wuz here in Utah and dey suffered afta' mergin' wid Time Warner. Ah be baaad... Its too baaaad dat Steve Case wants'ed t'make movies rada' den keep his company alive, insightful :*** (show comment) Would not play de game Repo't Commentby i8uricecream @ 9:16am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I wuz fired fo'm AOL fo' not hangin' dis. But ah' also feel de deir costomers gots some responsablity too. 'S coo', bro. Here be how t'cancel yo' account and keep it kincled. 1. do not snatch any free offers! Right on! Dis gots'ta be offered as some way t'help ya' move t'yo' new service aldough dis be a supa fine doodad t'do. 'S coo', bro. You's gots'ta need t'call back t'cancel. Dey is only offerin' free time and not kincelin' yo' account. Man! 2 Always dig some confermashun number. Ah be baaad... Dis be real yo' account number. Ah be baaad... If ya' gots dis even if ya' dun did not kincel ya' kin say ya' dun did. De reason fo' dis be dat dey gots'ta neva' cut de account numba' unless ya' is cancled. So's Basicly yo' account numba' is yo' golden ticket. Man! IF ya' follow dis den ya' gots terminated yo' account if not it be yo' own falt. Man! Dis info be about 8 years old but it should still wo'k. Ya' know? ditto :*** (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby Jeff @ 9:52am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I hate t'side wid AOl but when 'esactly dun did dis lady decide she dun didn't wants' dere service? It ain't AOL's responsibility t'read ha' mind and figure out she wants'ed t'cancel. Now if she had tried t'cancel and dey dun didn't comply dat be totally different and she would deserve every penny back. Ya' know? split vote :0 (show comment) De Greatest Generashun?? Repo't Commentby raplewchildren @ 9:54am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Dis cracks me down.. LOL! Right on! Ten years, and she be still fightin' against it. Man! How stupid kin some sucka's be. De article makes it sound likes its impossible t'cope wid AOL and mondly billin'. ah' guess few sucka's real know how t'handle deir accounts and deir bre'd. So'ry. Slap mah fro! No sympady fum here. If dis be a memba' of de "Greatest Generashun" well, dat about says it all. Remember, she wuz only 64 when ha' daughta' set ha' up t'get screwed, so's its not likes she wuz some frail, 74 year old who gots bilked...... Caveat Empto' insightful :*** (show comment) I wo'ked fo' AOL... Repo't Commentby Bo-Jangles E. @ 10:20am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 When dey transferred me t'Retenshuns ah' quit soon afta' a'cuz uh deir policies. Dey gots'ta do nuthin t'keep de bre'd comin' in. 'S coo', bro. Dey truly is relentless. De reps is paid bonuses fo' keepin' accounts active, avoidin' kincellashuns, givin' back bre'd. Share da damn weald? funny :*** (show comment) Well, no wonda' dey duzn't kincel! Right on! Repo't Commentby Darvell H. @ 11:44am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 So, whut, if ya' is an AOL employee and ya' agree t'cancel de service fo' some customer, and ya' duzn't, den ya' dig some kickback uh whut dey collect fum dat customer? Wow, sweet deal. troll :-1 (show comment) Remember Repo't Commentby Hardwo'kinTechie @ 10:30am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Gettin' AOL makes ya' SOL. ditto :*** (show comment) AOL LIED and STOLD bre'd fum mah' account too. 'S coo', bro........ Repo't Commentby tryto'elax @ 10:49am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Befo'e ah' tried t'cancel mah' service, ah' had heard all uh de ho'ro' sto'ies. ah' figured, ah' would follow de rules and kincel. ah' wuz goin' t'Iraq. Ah be baaad... ah' sold mah' crib, mah' clunker and ah' had no rap rod line. ah' called AOL and dey told me,,"No problem, we gots'ta stop de service and ya' owe nodin'". ah' ax'ed dem again, "Is you SURE ya' gots'ta close mah' account and QUIT draftin' de bank account"? Dey said, "no, problem". ah' went t'Iraq. Ah be baaad... Knowin' how AOL LIES t'deir cunstomers, ah' continued t'monito' mah' bank. Ya' know? Dey DIDN'T draft da damn next mond, BUT, dey dought dey wuz smart and dey startin' draftin' again TWO monds later. Ah be baaad... ah' could do NOTHING until ah' returned t'de states 4 monds later. Ah be baaad... Afta' several mo'e calls, ah' NEVER received an APOLOGY. ah' neva' received some REFUND. Dey make me sick and dey LIED and LIED t'me. While in Iraq, ah' had mo'e t'wo'ry about dan AOL STEALING fum mah' bank account every mond. ah' can't stand AOL.....Dey make me wanna drow down! Preach it loud, bruddah!! Preach it loud, bruddah!! Preach it loud, bruddah!! Preach it loud, bruddah!! Preach it loud, bruddah!! Preach it loud, bruddah!! Preach it loud, bruddah!! Preach it loud, bruddah!! Preach it loud, bruddah!............ (show comment) Do ya' STILL dink AOL........ Repo't Commentby Flossee @ 12:14pm - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 such some great company, Shaun? De sucka's who comment on dis bo'd is a TIny po'shun uh all de sucka's who gotsbeen ripped off by AOL. troll :-2 (show comment) In dis particular case, Repo't Commentby Shaun @ 11:12am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Wid all due respect t'all de previous posts, it would appear dis topic be gettin' some little off track. Ya' know? In dis case, some very supa fine lady and/o' ha' daughta' signed down fo' two separate AOL accounts. Rememba' dat she gots allowed da damn charges, which ah' dink gots been estimated t'de tune uh $60/mond, t'continue fo' de betta' part uh ten years. Dis absolutely shows an acceptance on de part uh de customer. Ah be baaad... You's duzn't arbitrarily gots any large deducshuns occur mond afta' mond widout accountin' fo' dem, and da damn transacshuns on any bankin' account fo'm should be at least somewhut detailed. Not knowin' why de debit wuz occurrin', wouldn't any sucka contact deir financial institushun when de fust started seein' such transacshuns snatch place? When it mosey on down right waaay down t'it, some service provida' has no obligashun eida' legally o' edically t'contact some consuma' and "double-check" deir decisions. Just cuz' she had two accounts o' de accounts wuz not bein' used wuz not da damn responsibility uh de service provider. Ah be baaad... Dat wuz all de responsibility t'de consumer. Ah be baaad... As fo' de individuals who claim dey gots had some difficult time kincelin' deir AOL accounts, o' wo'se yet, dose dat gots had problems kincelin' service fum multiple companies, ya' should all be some little mo'e accurate in yo' reco'd keepin'. If ya' kincel some service, do so's in writin'. Keep copies and da damn request and proof uh contact. Man! If need be, contact yo' financial institushun wid de suppo'tin' documentashun. It real ain't dat difficult, but it duz require effo't and dig itin' on de part uh de consumer. Ah be baaad... I wouldn't at all disagree dat it would be supa fine if any such company made it easia' to kincel, but as long as dey do not, dere is oda' ways much betta' at kincellashun uh a service and dey is always documented. Dere is also dose who gots had some difficult time usin' de service. Dis be way off de topic uh de sto'y, but realize dat, say, fo' every brand uh clunker dere is sucka's who "swear by" as well as "swear at" de brand. De same doodad kin apply t'large ISPs and oda' technical honky codein'. No one should disagree dat dere is many facto's which allow some honky code t'run propuh'ly, only some few uh which be de honky code's codin'. Den dere is dose who gots wo'ked fo' some company which, afta' bein' separated fum de employer, likess t'infa' de employa' wuz hangin' sump'n wrong o' unedical. Dis issue be mos' self-'splanato'y, but please dig it dat da damn fact ya' is separated fum some previous employa' is absolute cause fo' claimin' such behavio'. Mah' dig itin', as some sucka gots already stated above, dat retainin' sucka's unedically be absolutely against da damn company's policy and kin result in terminashun. In any case, baaaad reco'd keepin' should remove any such concerns. In dis particular case, de customa' signed down fo' two accounts and maintained dem fo' approximately ten years. De service provida' actually went way overbo'd wid givin' de customa' several monds uh refunds. Dis should absolutely be commendable and shows some great deal uh baaaad customa' service. puh'suasive :*** (show comment) It's some shame dat some customa' needs t'close deir account, change deir rap rod number, and move out uh de country, just. Man!.. Repo't Commentby tryto'elax @ 11:49am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Even afta' AOL assho' mand me dat dey would END de account and STOP de draftin', ah' continued t'monito' dem. WORD! Dey skipped one mond, and den dey started da damn draftin' again. 'S coo', bro. At dat time ah' wuz in Iraq. Ah be baaad... ah' could not contact dem again until ah' wuz back in de states. When ah' returned t'de states and contacted dem dey said,,,"Yeah ah' see where ya' kincelled 4 monds ago,,,Gee, we gave ya' some free mond". ah' wish ya' could gots listened t'my conversashun wid dem de day ah' cancelled. ah' wuz real, real, clear, ah' wuz kincellin' and goin' t'Iraq, PERIOD. De sweet little goat on de oda' end uh de line kep' assurrin' me,,"No problem", We gots'ta cancel and end da damn draftin'". ah' kep' makin' it real, real clear. Ah be baaad... PLEASE END THE ACCOUNT AND STOP THE DRAFTING. (show comment) Optin' out. Man!.. Repo't Commentby Landmine0 @ 11:16am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Well, Orrin loves dis "baaaad fo' business" kind'a consuma' abuse. Maybe when de Dem's dig some majo'ity it gots'ta change. (show comment) (No Subject) Repo't Commentby denook @ 11:21am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Dont cut puh'mission fo' sucka's t'use yo' checkin' account online! Right on! make dat daughta' start payin' ya' back fo' usin' yo' bre'd ditto :*** (show comment) Utah needs some Prayin' on de Elderly law ! Right on! Repo't Commentby abrakadabra @ 11:24am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 When mah' moda' wuz real ill and out uh ha' mind, she left all she owned t'de Mo'mon church. Lop some boogie. When we tried t'stop ha' decision, dey brought big gun lawyers t'FORCE HER TO GIVE UNTIL IT HURT. THEY WON. WE ARE STILL APPEALING. UTAH DEFINATELY NEEDS A PRAYING ON THE ELDERLY LAW..AND SOON. ditto :*** (show comment) AOL crooks Repo't Commentby TeleMark @ 11:29am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I had some similar issue mah' daughta' signed down fo' de 30day trial and da damn fun began, so's I closed mah' account, den de harassment started dey sent delinquent notices dreatenin' t'ruin mah' credit it went t'collecshun agencies wuz ho'rible took some time t'get dem off mah' back, and cost some few hundred dollars also. 'S coo', bro. dese dude's is a bunch uh crooks .. stay away fum AOL at all costs. (show comment) TELEMARK....................Dito, Dito, Dito Repo't Commentby tryto'elax @ 11:55am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 I still rememba' de wo'ds AOL used,,,"Yeah man, Sir we is cancellin' yo' account and ya' owe NOTHING. We gots'ta NOT be draftin' yo' account no mo'." ah' dun didn't even recon' dem den. 'S coo', bro....Dey dun didn't draft da damn next mond, however, as soon as dey dought ah' had fo'gots about dem, dey started draftin' AGAIN. ah' had told dem ah' wuz goin' t'Iraq and ah' had no clunker and no rap rod line.........Whut some bunch uh crooks! Preach it loud, bruddah!! Preach it loud, bruddah!! Preach it loud, bruddah!! Preach it loud, bruddah!! Right on! ditto :*** (show comment) Dis be News? and Pres. Bush's Impeachment Hearin's Igno'ed? Repo't Commentby Snow FlakeA @ 11:52am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Why gots KSL not repo'ted dat yesterdy (June 17) de Crib Judiciary Committee Chairman Raz'tus Conyers, Jr. Ah be baaad... announced dat, on July 25, de Crib Committee on de Judiciary gots'ta hold some hearin' on de Impuh'ial Presidency uh Geo'ge W. Bush and possible legal responses. Acco'din' t'de Congressional Quaterly's CQToday. Slap mah fro! De Congress voted t'hold dese hearin's. De final vote wuz: Yea 238 - Nay 180. De Committee be 'spected t'examine some range uh legal and legislative responses t'allegashuns uh administrashun misconduct and deir 'espansion uh executive branch power. Ah be baaad... To watch some video about dis, go to, dig dis: http, dig dis://www, so cut me some slack, Jack.ya' THIS be NEWS everyone! Right on! And it ain't bein' repo'ted (show comment) AOL, Of Course Repo't Commentby Michael S. @ 11:52am - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 Dis be why, 8 years ago, ah' went wid SBC, now AT&T. ah' had t'spend 30 minutes plum waitin' t'get mah' account kincelled drough dem. WORD! Dat wuz afta' havin' t'stop payments dat wuz bein' snatchn out twice in some mond. De 30 day free marketin' ploy, be to dig ya' t'use some credit card in de fust place. Dey is wo'se dan MCI as far as customa' service, and dat be not sayin' much, since MCI gots gone bankrupt. Man! (show comment) In upside 30 years uh hangin' business wid "reputable" companies, ah' have NEVER Repo't Commentby tryto'elax @ 12:08pm - Fri Jul 18d, 2008 'sperienced da damn "lies" and "deceit" dat AOL 'eshibited t'me. Dey actually committed deft towards me. ah' do many transacshuns wid companies drough bank drafts. ah' have NEVER had da damn difficulty dat AOL created. ah' do not wanna associate wid ANYONE connected wid AOL. Please keep dese sucka's away fum me.....I refuse t'associate wid dose types uh sucka's. Please note dat KSL strives t'be some family-homeyly web site, so's please keep de language clean when ya' add yo' comments. We reserve da damn right t'accept o' reject any message. Danks. You's is not logged in. 'S coo', bro. You's gots'ta be logged in t'post some comment. Man! De Fine Print, dig dis:By submittin' any content fo' postin' ya' acknowledge and agree t'de followin': KSL may, in its sole discreshun, accept, reject, censo', modify, o' remove any postin' widout yo' consent and fo' any reason o' no reason. 'S coo', bro. You's is solely responsible fo' de content ya' submit. Man! You's gots'ta not post content dat (1) violates de copyright, trademark, patent o' oda' intellectual propuh'ty right uh any dird party, (2) be libelous, defamato'y, obscene, o' abusive, (3) violates some dird party's right t'privacy, o' (4) be oderwise unlawful, distasteful, o' inappropriate. 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