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It is a travesty you've never been to Vegas. Some words of advice:

1. Schedule your trip to not coincide with any sort of Expos or trade conferences. Last year we went the same week as the Adult Film Expo and it was an arm and a leg for lodging. Granted, it was funny to watch porn stars stumble around but still not worth the 300% markups we faced.

2. Stay on the strip. It may be cheaper if you stay downtown or someplace else but you won't get the true Vegas experience and you will pay crazy cap fares to get back to the blvrd.

3. Don't go crazy with the stay duration. My friend and I both agreed that Vegas is best served up in 3-4 day slices. Get in, freak out, rip it a new one and get out. After about a week, it starts to lose some of the luster (unless of course you are a millionaire high roller staying in the penthouse, I don't think that would ever get tiresome).

4. If you are poor, amble up to any bar and put $10 into the video poker machine. They will provide you free drinks while you are playing the machines. It is amazing how many vodka tonics a properly motivated man can drink in the 30 minutes it takes to slowly widdle down a $10 investment. But, make sure you have enough to tip at least a buck a drink.

Hope these helpful travel tips will come in handy. God I can't wait to go back.

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