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Originally Posted by reprise85 View Post
i cant believe my friend died. 29 years old, no obvious cause and they don't think it's drug related. he just up and died in his sleep. stroke or a heart attack, results won't be back for a few weeks.

i've known him since i was 2 years old.
Probably undiagnosed heart problems. That's often what it is when people die suddenly at such a young age.

Elphenor. A lof of what you said about your life, background and interests was me at 20 (though unlike you i wasnt getting laid yet...). If i could start again I woudn't waste my time like i did (even if some of the "time wasting" was due to my social problems). But yeah. Don't be me in 15 years from now. Keep....trying to do what you're trying to do...basically. And if you cant find the people, then take charge. Learn to play bass, drums, keyboards, whatever.

After years of being unsatisfied and unfulfilled joining bands that's what i did (well id been playing guitar and bass for years but not the rest). I wish i hadn't waited so long. I should have done this at 20, not in my 30's. Sure it might take some years to become a "self sufficient" musician but its worth it. Besides here's the you i like post punk (and new wave). Well i might not be telling you anything you didn't know but most of this type of stuff is really simple to play and write (doesn't mean its easy to write good songs in the genre but you know).

One handed keyboard lines. Often generally simple repetitive guitar parts (basic minor or power chords or simple one string lines).Upfront but easy basslines... and steady not very dynamic drumming (and your set will likely not need more than a hithat, a cymbal, a snare a bass drum and maybe one tom...that's the thing too, post punk is even economical to play, even the instruments they used were often shit so its not hard to replicate the sound). Two or three years of effort and you could write the stuff you want to write. Relying on people to make the music you wanna make sucks. Especially if you're not in an area where the genres you like are popular. I never played a blues scale in my life and don't intend to ever.

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