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do you guys watch / listen to this? for context, it started out as a podcast, and they now make some episodes for netflix, and the concept is they will talk to an artist about a song they made and get into the motivations, the sounds, etc. they'll have all the various tracks isolated and go through interesting elements you might not have noticed, and it's generally just really cool to hear the artist do a deep dive on a song

i've listened to the podcast here and there, and last night checked out two episodes on netflix: The Killers - When We Were Young and Nine Inch Nails - Hurt

they were both really excellent.

AND! it made me think, what songs from SP would you want to see?

i think Tonight, Tonight would actually be really great. they always pick better-known songs.

they had Flood and Alan Moulder in the Killers episode.

anyhow, just curious if folks here like this podcast / netflix series, and what songs you would want to see the most?

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