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my rent just went up $50. still a steal at $500/mo. they'd have to really fuck with me to get me to move. been here almost two years and will stay here as long as i'm in school if they will have me. the year before i moved in i had to move 4 times. fuck that.

good luck eulogy, maybe you'll find something super awesome.
i mean what i found is actually pretty awesome. and if i didn't live where i live now i'd be over the moon about it.

if i just focus on the location i'll be happy about it. i'm pretty sure we were the first ones to look at it. and i'm gonna go drop off the rental app right now. so i'm thinking if we want it we can get it.

we're also looking at a place on tuesday that's smaller and cheaper and in a very similar location. and if we're serious about looking to buy it might be a fine stop gap. we'll see.

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