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Originally Posted by kylemanor
Hey there. Been listening to SP for about a decade and actively collecting for about 5 years. I picked up a copy of Earphoria about a year or so ago and assumed that it was the rereleased version. A few days ago, for some reason, I decided to take a look at it on SPFC, and I realized that my version is different. I don't have a UPC or a "Explicit Content" sticker, and the spine code matches with what SPFC lists as the original promotional pressing. I don't have a computer at home, so I'm at my parent's house right now. I'll try to get back with some scans this week.

My question is, how much is this worth? And is there any sure-fire way to be sure this isn't a bootleg trying to masquerade as the original?

I have an original, a bootleg and the re-release. I could compare them against any scans that you're able to take of yours and let you know what you have.


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