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Default Why are o-boarders so damn ugly?

Classic examples of the pug fugly cockgobblers that live there:
This guy looks like he'd stab u in a back alley and butcher you for organs
token dyke hipster
Props to him for farting on his bitches head
token ginger virgin
token hipster fag
token "hot" robert smith lookalike
token "badass" douche (i wonder if that's his real smile)
the next o-boarder to kill himself for being sad (i would too if my mother used a bowl to cut my hair)

The list goes on. While I realise that some of you assholes may post over there too, I do not at all apologise if you happen to appear in this thread. Your ugliness is comparable to a drooling retard, except for the fact that you can help it and the retards can't.

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