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Originally Posted by Banana View Post
You think that anything is ever going to be done about North Korea? It is a truly fascinating country to have on this planet, unlike any other. They are very fun to watch from afar but they just successfully launched a long range missile and now very shortly after have pulled off their 3rd nuclear test in the last few years. At what point do the world powers actually do something about North Korea? And when that happens how fucking nuts is that war going to be? I feel like North Korea provoked by military force will go bat shit crazy in its response that will have no regard for its own survival. I think this is going to be some shit we will see in our lifetimes.
what do you expect the world to do?

Start another war with N. Korea and China? You want to sign up to fight in Korea? Should we spend another Trillion dollars on a second Korean war?

Even if they had a nuclear weapon. If they ever used it they'd end up being obliterated by the US and possibly even China, which wants allies in the region but has no real interest in disrupting trade.

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