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this is a list of what's on my iphone:

chromatics - ceremony joy division cover
chromatics - cherry
chromatics - looking for love
glass candy - the possessed
glass candy - geto boys
the kills - dreaming fleetwood mac cover
road chief (mark mcguire) - run in the wind
king krule - rock bottom

johnny jewel - black and white
luxury elite - dead airwaves
luxury elite - insomnia fm
johnny jewel - let's kiss
spencer clark - toidtap

albums -
monopoly child star searchers - garnet toucan
emeralds - just to feel anything
steve hauschildt - sequiter
digital natives - sideways open
mark mcguire - surrogate channels
digital natives - yhwh cwby
outer space - akashic record
rene hell - in 1980 i was a blue square
digital natives - kingdom come
peaking lights - lucifer in dub
luxury elite - new classics
mark mcguire - nightshade
digital natives - parted by the say
chromatics - running from the sun
m. geddes gengras - test leads
luxury elite - tv party

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