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Originally Posted by Cool As Ice Cream View Post
so iggy's accusing the smashing pumpkins of not making any new albums, because they're afraid the new albums might be shit?
could he be more wrong? clearly the smashing pumpkins are still making new albums, and obviously the very last thing they care about is the quality. very much like the stooges, i guess.
what a clown.
To also speak to Turalyon's point on this one... I think CAIC hit it on the head. While Iggy's right that BC has dumped the band and it really is "the bald guy and whoever" nowadays, the point of the whole clip was that Iggy thinks that bands need to be making new music.

Which BC is - arguably to his detriment. If you're going to publicly take a dump on a band, at least look at their Wiki to see if they've created an album of new material in the past 10 years - which "SP" has done, twice.

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