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Originally Posted by Ram27 View Post
who the fuck is tommy lipstick and why can he change MCIS canon
Engineer who worked with the band on various albums form MCIS onwards and has been a close friend of the band since. They interview him in some of the documentaries/tv specials about the band when they broke up in 2000. Billy visits him during the 30 Days series he did, and mentioned Tommy was one of the few people who maintained consistent contact with both Billy and James from 2000-2016.

As someone else said, it's very clear he doesn't entirely buy into this whole, "I have had this concept planned since day one and have been playing a character since", but gave very diplomatic answers. Most interesting aspect of the interview to me was that he sounded exactly like H. Jon Benjamin.

That particular episode had some really cool talk about "Eye". Billy ruins the whole vibe of the thing by talking incredibly loudly and trying to talk over everyone whenever the conversation gets moving.

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