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Imagine what the Lily / We Only Come Out At Night equivalent is going to be like! Shit is going to get pretty wacky in week 74 of the podcast
The really interesting thing is Lily is Junes twin sister. The really, really interesting thing here is that they've never met. Actually Lily has met June but June has never met Lily. Still, they share a connection that's somewhere in between metaphysical and metaphorical. And what I mean by that is going to become clearer as we go on.

Anyway. When June went out into space to be near Shiny she didn't realise that her twin, her mirror image would also of course do the same thing. This isn't about any feelings Lily might have for Shiny. Lily is actually completely unaware of who he really is. Speaking from experience, that makes Lily extremely powerful. I might meet a million people who say your music did this for, your music made ME do this.. I rarely ever meet a Lily. So Lily going to space is one hundred percent about the mirror image relationship the twin sisters share, Lily being drawn to space by forces or feelings she doesn't fully understand.

So we're left with this.. I suppose.. love triangle of people who've never met with June of course having this intense, intense relationship with Shiny and then there's Shiny who.. and I think a few of you will be having a sort of "aha!" moment here.. Zero, then Glass, now Shiny has always loved or wanted Lily from afar and considered her his One and Only. So when Shinys ship pulls off to take him on the March of Life, June looks out of her spaceship window and she sees Lily, she thinks she's seeing herself. And in a way she is seeing herself. June is a version of herself that Shiny sees and that Shiny wants. A version that would've stopped Shiny from pushing those buttons and sealing his fate.

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