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Who the hell wants this crap? Seriously. I got a rip of Aegea and it was terrible. It was just noodling. Like stuff you may chop up and use within something else. Not on its own. I love synth music and modulars, but this release lost me completely. And that's from a hardcore synth lover. This Siddhartha crap is a step below Aegea because now I gotta listen to a reading of frigging Siddhartha with Billy noodling on his synths.

Did I hear correctly? Billy really mention his stalker Monte in this video?

The amount of money that he is dropping for this crap should have gone to Machina, a much more important project. I have no problems with Billy going out and noodling around for fun and whatever, but this is not release material. You want to hear it? Go see it live. What's next, him recording himself tuning his guitar spread across a 10 LP collection? You want to hear real synth music? Listen to Alessandro Cortini instead.

I really don't understand who this project is for. Even some of my fellow friends/producers from the electro-music community that perform similar types of music like this didn't even like the Aegea stuff and were baffled by the Siddhartha videos. There's musical and atmospheric, then there's this noodling and just f [email protected] around. Not everything is glorious, release to the world material.

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