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Originally Posted by Trotskilicious View Post
This band sucks, fucking hipsters dont even try
Dude they're experimental you just don't "get it". Song dynamics and pattern variations are overrated. So are vocal melodies. Its genius, they take a 15 secs pattern and stretch it for 10 mins for no good reason! "Hey guys I have this three notes repeating pattern" "cool, we'll put a drum beat to it, add a few sounds for texture, i'll sing some random shit over it in one never changing repetitive chant and we'll play play it for 15 mins, now that takes care of song #2, alright anybody else got something?"

I like that they thought their repetitive shit warranted a 2 hours record though. Not self indulgent or anything. I also like that this half assedness carried over to the sleeve design too.
"K guys i'm done with the cover art, what do you think?"
"Wait did you just spend 30 secs in photoshop designing this?"

Really I wasn't gonna say anything and keep my negativity to myself, but trostki did so why not try a bandwagon. Next thing you know this thread would have ended up being rated as having a positive feel anyway and we can't have that.

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