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Originally Posted by fuzzyroes View Post
That's rad man. Don't you think you'll probably be burned out of ideas by the time you reach the 100-150 range though? You don't wanna be like one of those guys like Corgan who just works himself to death and ends up draining the well dry. (well you probably WOULD wanna be like Corgan- What musician wouldn't? but you get my point)

Do you actually just record a song a day? Or do you spend one day and record like 5 or 6 and so on and so forth?

Also, one of the songs I checked out had the exact same melody as In The End by Green Day off of their Dookie album.
Awe dammit! Eh, well, I guess it's really not that unusual for a song to sound like another song... but at least I didn't sample it.

Yeah, I usually work on one song at a time, and when I'm done, I'm done for the day. Some days I'm more productive and will actually write more than one song, but I only record one a day. Some days I'll be working on a song for a few hours and scrap it and go to something else, but I save the song to work on another day.

I don't know if the well will run dry, but I don't have to operate in any specific genre. So, I can pretty much take inspiration from any source. I'm trying to absorb odd scales like gypsy, Indian and Celtic. Also, there's always alternate tunings. The only genre I'm pretty sure I'll be avoiding is rap, because me rapping would be horribly embarrassing.

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