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It sucks when people are hypochondriac and actually have reasons to be. It makes me feel more pathetic because I don't really have reasons aside from a weak immune system.

once I had blood tests done and I shown positive for Hepatitis C and freaked the fuck out for the like 3 months (yeah no hurry or anything...) it took them to do more tests and tell me oh no you don't really oops false alarm. the thing is, that happened again some years later, exact same thing.

They believe I may (MAY) have had hepatitis C at some point. Little known fact is that a high % of people who ever get hepatitis C actually clear it within like weeks after which you might occasionally be showing antibodies for it in the blood or something which is what the basic test for Hepatitis C checks for (its when you don't clear it that it becomes chronic and then if you take medication for it and if they don't work, you're likely fucked and will get liver failure down the line some time).

On the other hand, while you can get it through unprotected sex, its extremely unlikely as it basically has to be blood to blood (and not just bodily fluids) contact, so not being exactly promiscuous and having never shot up, chances are unlikely I got it. (though one ex I had was promiscuous...even when we were together I found out eventually and the first time the blood shown wrong was right around this time. They didn't even tell me what was wrong with it at first too and I knew they were also checking for hiv so I freaked out about that too).

But you know...that's about the closest I got to having something bad... and then I didn't.

Though part of me right now is half convinced I have slow progressing intestinal cancer.

Can this become the hypochondriac thread?

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