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Aeris, I had no idea you were diagnosed. Did they do anything to treat it, or at this point, doesn't need treating?

My first 2004, I was changing A's diaper and suddenly my vision blurred, never cleared up, and just continued going until I could barely see. My only symptoms I've ever had are optic neuritis and leg pains, sometimes my arms. I've been on copaxone for years... but now on gilenya, working miraculously, $4k a month. Thanks be to God for insurance. My out of pocket costs are $250.00 a month. If I even have one hint of blurred vision, I get an IV of steroids and it's gone pretty quickly. So, things are pretty well under control.

Pave, I know that depression can cause some weight loss, but pay attention to that. Whatever you do, don't google, or you'll be freaked out thinking it's something serious off the bat. I have done this, and many times, by the end of the night I'm sure I'm going to die from something.

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