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Originally Posted by davin
so who else is going to try and make both?
i really wish i could, but i can't miss work (which is stupid really if you think about it...what do i DO here beside posting on netphoria all day, lol). There's a rule here that you can't take days of from nov - march because those are our busiest months I was freaking out about the dallas show at first until i realized it was a saturday. Also, I don't like driving in big cities i'm not familiar with, which *******s both dallas and austin...i have a friend going with me who's driving, and i'm not sure he'd be able to take the extra day off either. Oh, and then there's the issue of being broke because i just spent an assload of $$ on a new macbook, midi controller, and recording software.... so yeah, looks like dallas is going to be the only show i see. Which, by the way, really bums me out. I remember the days of the infinite sadness tour where i was traveling around, following the band like a groupie, haha...those where some good times.

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