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hold on -- what do you mean he didn't write straight lines? i remember a part in that podcast where natalie imbruglia was like.. "you deserve to write a big pop song, you've earned it" -- what am i missing?

edit: i just looked up on wikipedia, it was cowritten with someone.

i honestly didn't mind the features and cowriting stuff on the solo album. the girl on i feel electric very much makes the song better

the co-writer stuff, i don't know man it doesn't really bother me.. it seems like for whatever reason he didn't feel he was getting proper support from the guys in his band, i think it's got to be nice to have some collaboration. (that said, the DREAMS stuff was just junk, and i've never really liked the stuff paul mac brings to the party). but the van dykes park stuff, for example, he clearly gets a lot of healthy things from that friendship

also--- come on, you cannot be saying his voice is good in that video? starting around 1:30 i mean, it's nice before that, but after that... good lord it's mostly painful to listen to.

i had tickets to see them on this tour, it was at this pretty small place in san francisco.. and they canceled because he was having voice issues.. and they rescheduled for a date i was unable to make and i always felt like i missed out, i really wanted to see them live.

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