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Default [megaupload] Moon/TSP demo tape upgrades

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24-bit to follow if there's interest. definite upgrade to the TSP tape, since this is from DAT and all the circulating copies are ANA sourced

Smashing Pumpkins
"DAT Tape #2 (12/1/93)"
16-bit version

Source: SBD>??multitrack or DAT??>Virgin Promo ("B Sides")
Transfer: Virgin Promo Tape>Sony TC-K630ES>R-09(unity gain, 24/48)
Editing: Audacity (amplified, spliced tape sides together), r8brain (downsample/dither), CDWave (split), TLH (FLAC)

(Moon Demo)
01. Honeyspider (alt)
02. (spanish)
03. With You
04. Egg
05. (spanish)
06. Rhinoceros (alt)
07. Bye June
08. Stars Fall In
09. Daughter
10. (spanish)
11. Daydream
12. (spanish)
13. Psychodelic
(Smashing Pumpkins Demo)
14. Jennifer Ever
15. East
16. Nothing and Everything
17. Sun (remix)
18. She (live)
19. Spiteface

I'm guessing these were made for potential inclusion on Pisces Iscariot. I'm pretty sure this is an upgrade to the TSP demo and probably to Moon.

Thanks to bmaromar for the tapes

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