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Originally Posted by Skradgee View Post
So is this a completely different source than the one that is already circulating (other than that the gear could be the same)? I compared Pale Scales from this source and the SHNs I've got. The tone is different...SHNs have more midrange, and this source has some more yells from the crowd. Maybe SPLRA should have a new entry.
... Anything is better than the FM!

It would blow my mind if the first listing on the SPFC doesn't refer the source I just uploaded.

I have not listened to the currently circulating SHN's for this show. If they sound different than what I've uploaded, they're probably not from a DSM source, but more likely a csb source. At a stretch, I suppose it's possible they're from a 2nd, but unlisted DSM source, but I highly trust the lineage on the DAT I was given as being what it is.

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