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Well i'm sorry you see, but you gentlemen don't know about the seventh art as i do. You are all philistines whereas i am a true connoisseur so i had to set you straight, pun evidently intended.

It is self-evident that if you indeed knew about the Cinema you would know that whenever a straight male actor portrays a gay man they automatically produce their most brave and impressive performance generally worthy of Oscar contention. I don't think i speak for myself only when i say that when i first saw the scene in which Thewlis exerts himself upon the raised rear end of Dicrapio i was immediately astonished at how such a straight young man like he could so convincingly take a stiffie up the jacksie, so to speak. The pure contentment expressed by his facial features was as authentic as i've ever seen a proper gayer display. Therefore i give his performance in this Agnieszka Holland oeuvre (Total Eclipse, 1994) two thumbs way up (his pert buttocks)

Now if you would excuse me, i have a cinema club reunion (this is french for meeting for you non-polyglots...) to attend to during which we will surely watch some obscure french cinema verite film from the pre 60's. This promises to be just delightful.

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