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Default Been a long time

I haven't been back here for about 8 years. Don't even recognize any of you. Something triggered me to see what shows have surfaced that I didn't already have...which are not many.

Regardless, I'm interested in getting these for completion's sake. I don't know how long I'll remain interested, but in the meantime I'm willing to trade anything I have. Back in the day there were about 10 or 12 of us that would trade the rare shows between each other, but I don't really care for hoarding anymore.

Let me know how you guys want to do this. I can setup trades via snailmail, ftp, upload to, whatever...

Some shows I'm looking to get are on zomb torrents but I can't seem to download them. I can download from however...

I have about 670 live shows, and say about 100 other bootlegs (like those silver-back ones) and compilations. I have about 100 videos, but have no way of transferring those anymore...

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