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consensus on this article over at ZeroHedge is that Farrell here is a little off in some of his reasoning. However...however, however -- It's still a major publication (Wall St. Journal) publishing an article which just a few years ago would have seemed fringe. The meter has shifted, there's a new normal being established.

The fresh buzz is "Peace Wars":

China says they gonna build 18 or so new Nuclear Reactors.

Obama reacts by saying maybe we'll build 2.

China says they gonna build 1800 miles of hi-speed train tracks.

Obama says we'll go about 200 miles.


At this rate the Chinese will be dancing on the Moon while Americans will be living in poverty paying off Goldman's Sachs induced debt.

If GS still want their puppets in office, they better get better at this Peace War thing or the elections of this year will be a bloodbath.

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