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Default I am here to apologize to you insufferable piles of shit

I'm sorry.

for everything I have mentioned in the past, about you, demeaning you, calling you names, making the gaps between our humanity wider than your mom's big fat gaping pussy.

I apologize.

When I become a celebrity at 73, do me a favor. Don't go on twitter and tell everyone what a horrible person I have been. I need that role in the Chet Hanks movie, the one where he raps about tits on a beach, and sushi.

This is the one place that can damn me forever.

I WANT to be an influencer, and make BIG GODDAMN money on Ticktocks, show may wares, how to apply bronzer, okay?

So don't be such a bunch of fucking shitbags, like you have been, for 20 odd years. I NEED the money.

I already aplolgoized and you should just fucking accept that comebacks do happen, even when you are an angry racist misogynistic hollywood hasbeen geeting your opportunity to make Lethal Weapon 6. TRUE FUCKING DREAMS DO HAPPEN, AS LONG AS YOU DON'T BRING UP THE PAST WHEN I WAS BEING ABUSIVE TO ALL OF YOU.

Well, none of you here now really. You know the old school people who have lives, and no longer post on this forum. Get the word out. This shit can bite you in the ass now. I mean, look at Tucker Carlson, it ruined his career when he laughed about the little gay children in the brown country and their stupid inbred desires to have a better life. I CAN'T HAVE THAT HAPPEN TO ME.

So stay the fuck off of twitter, learn from the Gen Z people because it's all e cigs and jerkoff sessions while watching Succession.


that is all, PEACE BROS

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