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i bought the Daughter flexi on ebay and never received it. the guy has previous, good feedback so i hadn't any reason to argue. He said he posted it (from the US) and i never received it (in Canada). Because i thought that maybe the post was delayed (as usual, canada post sometimes sucks, and it could've been sitting at the border as thats happened before) i ran out of time to get any money back from ebay since you need to call ebay on it within 90 days or less. Mediation would have done nothing (him: i sent it out me: i never receieved it) so what could we do? The only other option was to file a claim through the US post...etc...etc.

So i took a loss and chalked it up as me being an idiot for not getting shipping insurance in the first place. It was quite the sum in Canadian dollars since the US dollar was much higher at the time.

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