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Originally Posted by The exploding boy View Post
I stopped having an interest in "heavier" music about ten years ago.

I can't listen to half the pumpkins stuff anymore. Its just too "heavy" for my tastes. Well basically by heavy i mean (cause SP was never technically very heavy at all) heavily distorted guitars do nothing for me anymore and haven't in a long time. It's like yeah, yeah you crank up the fuzz and hit power chords, that started being boring around the time nickelback started to do it (actually even before that).

It's just been gay sounding shit for me for a good while now(80s pop/synthpop/new wave/post punk)

At least i haven't started to like Sting's solo career. That's always what i associated reaching middle age with (not that i am middle age yet). If i ever do, i'll know it's time to jump off something high.
What do you mean? Ten Summoner's Tales is the shit

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