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Originally Posted by where is me View Post
Yeah well put. I like the way you describe: "I think at some point from Adore/Machina onward, the band\BC's output became strangely meta, or maybe better to say ars poetic, itself being about the very process that fuels it."

Like a dog chasing its own tail/.
it's not ****. he just wrote about what he was living, what he knew.
It happens all the time.
artist is a poor nobody, writes about the struggles the poor working man can relate to
artist becomes rich
artist forgets what it was like being poor
artist writes dumb song about cash, cold and cocain.
regular people just don't relate.
"Adore era billy" was quite humble, but it was part of the person for the time. how quickly did Machina kick in with "if I were dead, would my records sell". I see his changes in personality like a change of shoes. the shoes wore out and he went on to something new. he didn't stop being rich, so that stink stayed with him.

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