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Or could it be-- to turn it around: Was it just my own adolescence during which I heard their first era, that made me like it so much? And are their kids out there that grew up as a teenager in say 2008, and mostly value their music that came out around these years, but have lesser interest in their first period? I find it hard to believe.
This is a big point I don't often see people talk about, at least in my opinion. I got into SP right as Monuments was coming out at age 21 and having been super familiar with a few songs already I basically found myself digging deep into the MCIS Deluxe editon B-sides (I was already well acquainted with the album proper from when I was a kid) while also getting to know Monuments at the same time. I can honestly I liked them both equally and the further I went down the SP rabbit hole I never ran across an album or song that I didn't like.

Not knowing anything about the inner workings of the bands eras/other fans opinions on their newer albums I think really helped me take it all in as one. Of course I had my favorites but there was no negativity surrounding it for me.

Since then I've naturally listened less and less and now having that in depth knowledge of the band's history and more insight into Billy's personality I'm much more in line with most people here where I think Billy is just kind of a douche and none of the new stuff can even touch the 90's output. I would still probably say I "like" Zeitgeist to Monuments but I never listen to them anymore and have no desire to. I was very unmoved by Shiny and Cyr and am not really looking forward to what comes next. I feel like it's the same path of cynicism most people here followed who have been fans for a lot longer than I have. Difference being that sense of negativity for most started with Zeitgeist in most cases.

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