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Originally Posted by GreenDogGlynis View Post

I think the main problem is Billy and his extreme defensiveness just to things in general. I've never met him, but something about the guy pre-breakup seems much more real and gracious than the guy who is interviewed now, at least a lot of the time.
I do know what you're getting at there.
I've rarely seen a person who has -- in the past 20 years--seemed to have undergone a kind of psychological regression. By that I mean the 30-year-old BC seemed far more insightful, in-touch, grounded, and mature than the 50-year-old BC. That is quite unusual to not only not gain some degree of wisdom, perspective, and social/psychological/emotional maturity with age but to actually seem to lose a bit of it with time.

I remember distinctly the Adore era. This seemed to be the peak of BC's mental maturity. The death of his mother, breakup of his marriage, and loss of his drummer seemed to have actually humbled him in some rather profound way--at least temporarily. Never had (or has) he felt more like a real fucking human. There was something so incredibly unpretentious and earnest about him around this time in his life. He dropped a lot of the pretensions. Even if Adore wasn't my favorite album exactly, I could respect that is was part of his life journey. Or whatever. It was real.

It's easy to imagine that this past BC of which I speak would actually be rather appalled upon meeting his future self.

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