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Interesting thoughts here. I think a lot of the music post reunion has been solid with material that is reminiscent of pre-breakup SP. I'm not saying its the same, but I do feel they share the same DNA. That's The Way, Sunkissed, Again Again Again, Owata(acoustic Chris Isaak version not recorded version), Inkless, G.L.O.W., Panopticon, Pinwheels, One and All, and With Sympathy all have traces of SP in them. I enjoyed Cyr and thought there were a lot of good things about it. Whether people like the new material or not, I think changing the styles and production up a bit is totally fine and actually saves the old music from being too diluted by the new stuff.

I think the main problem is Billy and his extreme defensiveness just to things in general. I've never met him, but something about the guy pre-breakup seems much more real and gracious than the guy who is interviewed now, at least a lot of the time. The need to self-congratulate himself all the time, all the stupid word salad rants about just about everything, never bringing in any outside influence to help reignite the band, the ridiculous and unwarranted praising of Rick Rubin, putting sought after releases exclusively on vinyl, the stage costumes, and the list goes on. He's constantly going on about how he and other rockstars are geniuses and more special than the next person. It's all kind of arrogant and just generally lacks awareness as well as any real insight. I'm not saying there's not good things about him. The Gish anniversary party was a really pleasant surprise, as I didn't think he could just kickback and celebrate with the fans like that, but he could and it was nice to see.

Of course its no surprise that any band or any entertainer in general would experience a decrease in popularity, especially SP considering they did things to directly sabotage their's. But I think the alienation the hardcore fanbase feels has more to do with Billy's behavior than the musical output.

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