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Default The Rise and Fall of the Smashing Pumpkins

A lot of words has already been said.

Still, being a bit of a retro-romantic, I'd like to make a (new) thread about it. Specifically to question- how is it possible?

The first part of the Pumpkins, after releasing their first six studio albums and every release in between, there was such a unique beauty and energy. Songs being both pretty and loud, strange and dark, powerful, deep, melodic and touching.

Up until their departure in 2000 and the start of their decline, I'd say after the Zwan-era. And catching up further speed fast with the release of the horrible Oceania; and then releasing albums that almost degenerated by order of release. Nothing, to me, even remotely touched that early magnificence. A huge gap between the quality of music before and after this moment. Personally, I can't hardly find a shred of excitement in the Pumpkins post 2000.

Oversimplifying and comparing it to other great artists that released material over periods of decades, the heydays are mostly in their first part of existence. However, some artists mature in a beautiful way, releasing more atmospheric or acoustic material, that still holds their beautiful quality; losing their youthful rock 'n roll energy (but not their spirit).

As for the reasons, what I can come up with:
- Rock 'n Roll truly is only a young mans game. Corgan thrived on this energy and was in a circle of people that was also able to influence him.
- The change of voice... (still I think this is a big part, but also partly true. Cause, if there is any, I haven't heard any instrumental song that was as captivating post 2000.)
- A further inflation of his ego and lacking of people he listened to with other opinions.
- Producing his material mostly by himself.

Or could it be-- to turn it around: Was it just my own adolescence during which I heard their first era, that made me like it so much? And are their kids out there that grew up as a teenager in say 2008, and mostly value their music that came out around these years, but have lesser interest in their first period? I find it hard to believe.

I saw a thread recently on reddit that sums it up nicely.

Has a fall from grace from a major band ever been so great? And what do you think caused this?
And will he ever write or produce a song that can still captivate?

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