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Originally Posted by Trotskilicious View Post
i heard them say
the white man invented existential angst
when he ran out of other problems
because the thing about those problems was
typically more money would solve them

It's true.

I am convinced money would solve 99% of my problems. It's not even that hard for most white men to make a decent amount of money so really I have no excuse. Even better, i'm from middle class (well lower). But like most of these people I have stupid fucking mental issues. Though i'm pretty sure i didn't invent them. They just make me feel guiltier though.

How many people around here are from NZ anyway? Two seems a lot already. hey remember that girl ****** that was like a part time model ("you could be a part time model" how fitting) from NZ? Whatever happened to her. She was cute. I think she had left by the time I did though. I remember thinking sure you're a model and then like cactuar saw a billboard she was on or something. Someone in Australia anyway.

I'm going nowhere with this, just reminiscing.

A good end to this story would be someone telling me that's vixnix.

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