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Originally Posted by lala View Post
that's not the same thing.

pixies are also releasing old shows for as little as $3.99 (320 mp3, apple lossless or flac).
not sure if all recordings are soundboards though.

i think it would be really nice if sprc did the same thing. but apparently it's not going to happen:
Quote: In the recent past soundboard recordings of the Smashing Pumpkins shows have been sold to fans Are there any plans for fans to be able to get access to soundboards of past Smashing Pumpkin shows via SPRC?

Billy: Not in the way you ask the question. We have plans of releasing all sorts of shows through the SPRC, the first of which would be the Rubano tapes of the bands earliest concerts. The hope there is to make a ‘completist’ box set, where everything is in there; false starts on songs, stage banter, rehearsals from 1988. Kevin Dippold is currently putting all that together for release. We may also add the Torey Stern video collection, which includes even the bands first Metro show with Jimmy, not to mention shows of the band pre-Jimmy. One camera video type stuff, but still illuminating when you see the way we looked, and the size of the places we were playing. Not sure if these will be offered separately or together as one set. From there we can work through the eras. As far as SP 2011 there are no plans to release any more shows beyond what’s been documented.
looks like they want to work chronologically, for no apparent reason.
i think a huge downloadable live show archive would be better. they can add a new show or two every month.
oh well.

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