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“So, I’m looking at 230, 235, 240 yards. I’m thinking maybe a wood, maybe an iron,…I go with my number 2 iron. Not many guys would, but I know the trick on this hole. Now, the wind is blowing left to right about 15 miles per hour, I got a slight dogleg, see? Let me draw a little map so you can get the idea…All right, so I strike it just right and put it 20, 25, 30 yards from the green. Right there thereabouts, see? Now I’ve got a dilemma, ‘cause I’ve got a slight downhill lie with a fast green, see? I’m thinking I’ve got to ease in a little chip shot with a bit of backspin or I’ll lose it in the far rough. Tough shot, let me tell you. Well, let me tell you: I nail it. No more than 7, 8, 9 feet from the hole. Good for a two putt and I’m good. Now, on the next hole….”

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