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Qobuz is hands down my favorite digital music store. All of their music is sold in lossless and they even offer hi-res with the option to download lossy files if you need. I bought the Rarities & B-Sides collection from them. I'm from the US, but a UK friend of mine made an account for me to take over and use for myself. I buy A LOT of music from them. They have a US store that just opened up, but it's catalog is not as extensive so I continue to use the UK store.

Originally Posted by Corgan's Bluff View Post
Qobuz is only offering "Mellon Collie" in high resolution audio... :
What's great about Qobuz is, like Bandcamp, when you purchase a release you can download it in the format that you want.

So if you buy a hi-res file, you can download it in...
- 24 bit Hi-Res lossless (WAV, FLAC, ALAC, WMA lossless, or AIFF

- True CD quality lossless aka 16/44 (WAV, FLAC, ALAC, WMA lossless, or AIFF)

- Standard quality Lossy 320 (MP3, WMA, or AAC)

- Low quality Lossy 128 (MP3, WMA, or AAC)

You pay a single price and you can download it as much as you want in any format you choose. You can download your purchase in every single format if you desire. No limits. Plus you have access to your collection whenever you want to redownload.

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