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Arrow Linda Strawberry Information

So, I wasnt familiar with her accept for the fact that she sang To Shelia with the Pumpkins during their last show. Anyhow, tonight I was on the Pajo board reading all about the latest gossip and I somehow ended up over at her official site. Anyhow, I thought you all would like to read about her and her relationship with the Pumpkins/Zwan/Billy, because I found it very interesting. A lot of mentioning of recordings I wish I had my hands on. Anyhow, here it is...

"well it all started when i was working with the amazing bjorn thorsrud, who was fresh off of recording machina.. the last smashing pumpkins record. he came out to salt lake to record some demo's with me. i was just barely eighteen.
(bjorn is amazing)
i met billy shortly after when the pumpkins did an instore. i made friends with him over the months.. i was at the chateau marmont after he did that interview on kroq where he announced the pumpkins breakup.. he had a piano in his room and that was the first time he helped me on a song.... skip forward to november
i went out for the last pumpkins show at the metro. the night before, when they were rehearsing, billy asked me to sing with him on "to sheila" on a whim. i was terrified, and more excited than i had ever been. it was me, the frogs, and the band. after we rehearsed billy was off to the side signing things and i shyly went up to him and said.. "are you sure you want me to sing on that?" he looked me dead in the eyes and said "i dont like insecure people" .. i never questioned him again.
that night i was terrified. i drank my first bloody mary. i had never been around famous people. i was very shy.. and when i went on stage i was shaking like a leaf.. billy introduced me as linda strawberry from romania.. and i couldnt hear myself in the monitors at all.. i just saw a sea of faces and felt electricity down to my toes. i think i stood too close to billy.. but i was terrified. ha. that was an INCREDIBLE show. it was very emotional. i felt unbelievably lucky to have been there.
fast forward>>>>>
after the pumpkins were over billy decided to come out to experiment in salt lake city where bjorn and i were. so, while he started to try to find a new direction i hung out and watched and learned. bon harris was also there (formerly of nitzer ebb, and who also had worked on the pumpkins record "adore"). so bon and i set up downstairs and started to find a new direction. i also had the direction of billy and bjorn. i just didnt know what i was gonna do. those songs turned out amazing.. but they werent quite right. so i kept on writing.. i wrote a couple of songs with billy, and others he just gave me guidance on. one day when i walked into the studio i saw a paper with the word ZWAN written on it in different fonts. shortly after, matt sweeney and jimmy chamberlain also came out and started to play together on some of billy's new songs. marianne faithfull and francois ravard also came out to finish vocals on the songs billy produced for her last record "kissing time" (<---so good!) my first time playing "with" a band was when billy, matt, jimmy, and i accompanied marianne in a version of "love and money". i was freaking out. i was so excited. i was just a random girl from mormon utah all of the sudden thrown in with these amazing musicians. marianne would tell us stories about her past with the beatles and the rolling stones ect. it was awesome.
that was a very formative month for me. i remember one night in particular when i was driving marianne back to her hotel, when she told me things that changed my life. she basically told me not to be afraid to go completely with my heart, and to have courage about leaving my family and my religeon and my security to chase my dreams...
i also remember one night in particular when we all went to a local club liquid joe's where neil (an assistant at the studio)'s band was playing, royal bliss. billy got up there with matt jimmy and bjorn and did a version of "a whole lotta love" . while i was standing there i made the decision that this was what i wanted to do my whole life.
fast forward>>
when billy decided to go back to chicago he asked me if i would come out for a few weeks and play on some songs for a soundtrack. that ended up being SPUN. it was me, matt, and billy. we just went in learned a song in about an hour and did only a couple of takes and moved on. that was so intense.. and amazing. we did so many songs in such a short period of time. one of them i remember the most was "love to love" a UFO song. billy said he wanted me to sing it and played it a few times. after i did one run through take of it he wouldn't let me do it again.. and that is what they ended up using.
during that time we also did demo's of songs for zwan. it was a major learning experience for me. also, i played on the last bozo the clown show with billy. that was really fun."

anyhow, she has an official site now at

also, i find it wierd that her message board address has "djali" in it. why the hell would she use that if djali has disbanded.

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