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skimming through the tunes on this.
will wait for a proper leak in order to change my mind about picking up a copy.
i don't know...i've been getting back into the pumpkins knowing that with the release of this it signifies that Adore and Machina I/II are next.
Might've been the work Flood did with them or the vibes, but goddayumn I can still listen to those albums straight to the finish.
The songs and atmosphere of each album are just perfect in my eyes.
Those three are my personal favs of the band and in general.
And once those are out, I can honestly say that I don't care if billy ever puts out another album under the SP name or dies on a toilet with a cheese steak in his hand.

I just wonder what shows they might have for the Adore reissue.
I used to be heavy into collecting Pro-shots and SBD from the late era, but I never recall any info on an adore proshot. Hopefully we get some glorious D'arcy see through.

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