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Korn used to be my favorite band from 14 to 18. Now, I can't even bring myself to spin their stuff even out of nostalgia. I couldn't possibly feel any more distance from an old favorite than I do with that band. There is just literally nothing there for me anymore. I listen to their music and it sounds like diarrhea farts with some manchild whining over the top.
Lol I was gonna list them, but I still understand the appeal and can't quite say they suck. One of my best friends is still a HUGE fan. But yeah, I have literally no nostalgic appreciation for em. The old music does nothing for me anymore.

Besides maybe Beg For Me. That's still a good jam. Seeds kinda dope too.

I used to have this Life Is Peachy t-shirt where the Korn logo was in giant letters on the front of the shirt in that sparkly silver stuff that's on the ZERO shirt haha. No wonder I was such a loser in those first couple years of high school

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