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3.10 SP Fan Club

The "fan club" started when the Siamese Dream liner notes included the
words "smashing pumpkins fan club information" next to their PO box
address (which was different on both releases of Gish). Since then,
there have been a few newsletters & t-shirt order forms, but the one
person running it (Laura Ann) is a bit more enthusiastic than the rest of
the band, who hasn't been giving her stuff to send out. For now, Laura
serves mainly to read their mail, attempt to answer basic questions, and
sell T-shirts. Until further notice, however, it may be wise to hold off
on "joining," since the $3 "membership" fee isn't really going anywhere.
But if you don't mind sending money to someone to send off to an
accountant somewhere or if you just feel like sending mail, the address

SPFC, PO Box 578010, Chicago, IL 60657.
Answer from you know actual fans who sent the money in and never got anything.

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