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Originally Posted by The exploding boy View Post
Well exactly, not heavy compared to say, death metal.

It's heavy enough. But to any metal fan, not very much. I just didnt want to make it seem like i thought SP was the heaviest band i ever heard....
obviously we're getting into meaningless subjective definitions, but I don't think veering farther and farther into atonality and torture noises makes a band "heavier." Sabbath is the heaviest band to me, because the power of the guitars and the drums feels like an endless tidal wave of rock insanity pummeling me into the bottom of the ocean. SP comes pretty close to this at times. The more "metal" a band gets, the more I usually feel the power of the music is gutted by toneless, thin, staticy guitars through solid state amps, indecipherable screaming, and gimmicky shitty double-kick speed drums. It's almost like you try so hard you just completely miss the mark. When everything is turned up to level 10 insanity at all times, you lose the context and the music doesn't seem powerful anymore

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