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Default Different Track listing for Oceania

The production values for TGBK are sound very similar to Oceania (to my deaf ears anyway)

So I have changed up the track listing, replacing really weak tracks with moderately weak tracks and just removing the plain awful tracks

1. Pantopticon
2. My Love is Winter
3. The Celestials
4. Tom Tom
5. Violet Rays
6. Oceania
7. Pinwheels (track fades in at 2.12, to remove the awful intro)
8. Pale Horse
9. A Stitch in Time
10. Inkless
11. Glissandra
12. Cottonwood Symphony

This increases the quality of the album for me, especially as I haven't bothered to listen to any TGBK songs more than twice. The transition from ASIT --> Inkless is cool, till the weak vocals kill Inkless. Tom Tom also integrates well and is better than anything on Oceania.

Its obvious at this stage Corgan will never get back to what made his music great, but this will have to do.

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