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Originally Posted by The exploding boy View Post
Neko Case, Rufus Wainwright, Stars (though I did like that one song), Metric and Feist are all fails. Godspeed is alright though not as good as Mogwai or Sigur Ros in the genre. BSS had one good record. I never heard Destroyer I don't think. Anyway, that's still too few to make up for the crap. Dig deeper. Also, Arcade Fire's last record sucks but it's too early to tell if that's gonna become a habit though I suspect so, they've been around ten years or so, I expect they've run out.

I dug the articles Pallet made for Slate where he deconstructed radio hits through musical theory. I give him a pass just for that.

also ever noticed when people name good Canadian bands they pretty much name the same bands that were part of the "Canadian indie wave" in like 2003? (well aside when they name older classic artists like Neil young, rush, Cohen, Joni Mitchell etc) What since? That's it?
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