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Lightbulb weird fx, samples and other sounds

what are some miscellaneous sounds in sp/bill's music that you want to know about. there are so many weird noises and textures and stuff that really add something to their respective songs but i don't know how they were made. let's discuss that in this thread.

just post them as you remember them

- the background sounds for In the Arms of Sleep, esp. the weird "voice" when bill sings "and i want you to stay with me"

-the shimmery effect in the By Starlight intro

-the scrapey harmonicky sound in 1979

-anyone solved the mystery of which effects/pedals were used for james' lead guitar in GATGC?

-same for bill's guitar sound on TFE

-the wailing over the stoner part of the ruby outro- is that just high-gain lead guitar?

-the dreamy distortion on psychodelic

-the weird echoey sounds in blank page

-the "monster voice" during the "down below the creatures scream" verse of TEG

-the FX combo for Stellar

-the guitar sound for Love, esp. the solo

-the opening hit of Slunk (where the guitar sortof buzzes off)

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